How to Connect Bluetooth to HP Laptop Windows 10? Help

Pairing a Bluetooth device with the laptop makes it portable and thus convenient to use. A Bluetooth device can be anything from mouse, speakers, keyboards etc and connect it to your laptop. You can even attach it with various versions of Windows installed in the system. The main trouble arises when it comes to Windows 10 version and the user often asks how to connect Bluetooth to HP laptop Windows 10.

Connect Bluetooth to HP Laptop Windows 10 Easily

We understand that it can get a bit confusing for someone who is not accustomed to handling technical devices. Thus, for them, Support has introduced some swift measures consisting of easy as well as useful steps.

Check out the following points and see if they work well for you:

  1. Make the Bluetooth device visible to your computer. For this, you need to switch on the laptop and keep it on pairing mode. To turn on the pairing mode, press and hold the power button until you see a flashing light. If you see a blinking light, it indicates that the pairing mode is ready and a stable light depicts secured pairing.
  2. Next in the line is using the shortcut key to get easy access to settings app by pressing the windows key + I.
  3. This will direct you to the device section, from there choose the Bluetooth option.

During the entire process, make sure you have both the devices turned on with the proper power connection. If there is network disruption, then you may suffer from unwanted technical trouble.

If you are facing a similar situation, then the best option is to contact an expert as soon as possible. A tech expert will provide you with all the ideal solutions to resolve any kind of trouble and also solving the question of how to connect Bluetooth to HP laptop Windows 10.


How Can support service of Hp deals?

You can always get solutions to resolve any kind of trouble to connect Bluetooth headset to HP laptop Windows 10. To get all your queries resolved in an instant, you can get in touch with Support at any time of the day. Just utilize any of the following steps to troubleshoot the errors and get proper assistance.