Asus Error code 55 | Step-by-Step Guide

Currently, Asus laptops are one of the leading laptop brands all across the globe. The laptops are mostly famous for their user-friendly performance and sleek style. Still, that does not make it free from technical glitches. You may face errors like Asus error code 55. This error code generally occurs due to malfunctioning of the RAM or CPU. If you face the same error, go through this article for the perfect solutions.

Also, if you are not a tech-savvy person and want to avoid complications, you can call at their Support toll-free number. their experts will assist you right away.

The Reasons Behind The Asus Error Code 55

The main reason for this error code is CPU and the RAM error. This error code does not let your laptop detect the RAM. Also, if the RAM is not installed properly, then this error can show up. There are other reasons as well. Connect with to get hold of the exact reason for this error to occur in your device. When you identify the correct cause, solving the error becomes easier.

How To Fix Asus Motherboard Error Code 55?

If you want to fix the error on your own, then here are the solutions for you You can try them and see if these can solve your issue. If you have any question regarding the instructions, you can ask their executives. They will help you out right away.

Solution 1: Reset The RAM

As this error is related to RAM, so reset the RAM. To reset it, power off the system first. Then, hold the power button and  “command-option-p-r” until the system starts rebooting. When the laptop starts to boot, release the buttons. See if the error is gone.

Solution 2: Reset The CPU Cooler And CPU

Now, reset the CPU and the CPU cooler.  As the error is also partially related to the CPU, this step can help you resolve the error. To reset the CPU cooler, remove the CPU fan. You can remove it with a screwdriver. Reset the CPU cooler twice or thrice for a better result. After resetting the CPU cooler, reset the CPU as well.

Solution 3: Upgrade The BIOS

After that, update the BIOS, if it is not updated to its latest version. You can update the BIOS by pressing the key combination of Windows and R. You will find the Run dialogue box. Type “msinfo32” and hit Enter. Now, you can see the version of the BIOS. If you find it outdated, update it to the latest version. It can help you remove the Asus Error code 55.

Solution 4: Clean The CMOS

Similarly, cleaning up the CMOS can resolve the issue. Clearing CMOS is a complicated process. Therefore, it is better not to try this step without proper technical knowledge. You can ask their technicians to help you with this process.

Connect With The Technician To Resolve Asus Error Code 55

If all the solutions fail to fix the error code, then contact a Support expert to fix the issue. You can contact their support desk for help. Alternatively, if you are unable to understand any instruction set, you can ask us. their experts will clear all your doubts.