Know How To Fix Error Code 3501 Kodak Printer With Effective Solutions

Speaking of high-end printers, Kodak is the brand that comes in their mind among several other brands. Most of the users prefer Kodak printers due to its high-speed stream inkjet technology. However, it encounters a lot of error messages and reports quite often. Often, people ask the solutions for how to fix error code 3501 Kodak printer issue. So, if you are facing a similar error with your Kodak printer, then stop worrying. This article will help you resolve your issue with the error code.

Probable Reasons For Kodak Printer Error Code 3501

As the printer is an essential tool for office and home purposes, it must be free from flaws that cause printing problems. It is quite annoying if your printer is stuck in the middle of an important work. There can be many technical issues and glitches for which Kodak printer error 3501 may occur. And, as a result, you’ll need to know how to fix error code 3501 Kodak printer.

Generally, this error code takes place if one didn’t close the cover correctly. This may lead your printer to misbehave. Another reason can be due to a print head problem. Any issue to the print head can end up in the printer error code 3501. If the print head doesn’t work correctly, then it’ll block the printing process.

The ink cartridges inside the printer can also cause this kind of situation. Dust in the contacts of the cartridges might be responsible for the printer error. As the printer puts ink from the cartridges onto the page, the cartridge issue can be a significant factor in this case.

How To Fix Error Code 3501 Kodak Printer?

To resolve this issue, follow these proven stepwise procedures,

  • Remove all the peripheral Wires and disconnect your power cords of the printer.
  • Hold the power button of the printer to discharge the residue power.
  • Remove the cartridge gently.
  • Take a dry clean cloth wipe out the panel and the point of contact to make sure there is no more accumulation of dust and moisture.
  • Wipe out the electric contact, edges between the nozzle contact and plastic ramp on the side of the nozzles.
  • Clean the edge of the print head and all the point of contact inside the printer.
  • Re-install the cartridge and carefully plug in all the wires.
  • Re-install the drivers and perform a clean install.

Alternate Method

If you are unable to fix the issue with the above solutions, then try out the next one. Thus, here is an alternate method for how to fix error code 3501 Kodak printer.

  • First, turn off the printer by pressing the power button on it.
  • Now unplug the power cable from the printer.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds while the printer is off.
  • After that, plug in the Power Cord back again to the printer.
  • At last, turn on the printer and print something to check the result.

This process will solve your problems with your Kodak Printer. Don’t worry if you still get some error messages or issues as it may appear from any other technical fault.