Know How To Fix If “Skype Stops Responding On Windows”

Skype is one of Windows Operating System’s most popular and reliable applications designed for communication purposes. Sometimes, however, there may be some problems with this application, resulting in an error stating that on your Windows “Skype Stops Responding.” This issue freezes the application from running, making it completely irreplaceable to all your instructions. In that case, most users use the Task Manager to forcefully close the application. But this isn’t the end of this issue. This idea is working temporarily, though. So, if you’re going through this issue and you don’t know what to do and seek “how to permanently fix this issue? “It’s the right place you dropped, then. We will try to explore all possible causes and permanent solutions to solve this problem in this content. To fix this issue as soon as possible, we recommend that you go through this content.

Probable Causes Of “Skype Stops Responding on Windows” Issue:

If you experience the issue of “Skype stops responding to Windows,” then be sure there are several reasons for the error. The first and foremost reason is that the internet connection may have some problem or the internet server runs slowly. Another reason is the “Skype Application version” glitch. If you use that application’s back-dated version or the application has been corrupted, this will result in this error. Sometimes in order to respond properly, bad software or firewall settings block the Skype application. So make sure they don’t block Skype on Windows. A proxy server will also sometimes stop skype in order to respond correctly. But this issue is common enough, however, and can be cured by performing some incredible hacks. Go through the next section and know how to solve as soon as possible the error of “Skype stops responding on Windows.”

How To Fix “Skype Not Responding” Issue On Windows?

Here are some most effective solutions to fix Skype not responding errors on your Windows. These solutions will definitely help to recover your Skype if frequently goes unresponsive.

Method 1: Delete All Certain Files from AppData Folder on your Windows

If you are going through an unresponsive issue with your Skype, you simply have to destroy all the files in your AppData folder. This will also help you get your Skype application recovered. Follow the steps below to delete certain files from the AppData folder.

  1. Hit a click on the system tray on your Windows and then right-click on Skype. Now strike a click on “Quit” which is in the resulting context menu and then close the program.
  2. Now press “Windows+R” at the same time on your keyboard to open a “Run Command” box.
  3. Type “%AppData%\skype” in the command box and press “enter” or click on “OK” at the bottom of the box.
  4. Navigate to that folder which seems like a similar sub-title as your Skype username. Then hit double-click on that option to open that Skype folder.
  5. Now, strike a right-click one by one every folder and file to confirm and “Delete” the action from the resulting pop-up.
  6. Once done with these steps, restart your computer and wait for the computer to boot up. After that, launch the Skype application again and check whether the issue still persists or not. If the problem still persists, then go through another method below.

Method 2: Uninstall Skype Completely and then Reinstall Again

If the previous method doesn’t work for you, then a better option is to uninstall the application completely and then reinstall Skype again. Following are some prime steps to uninstall Skype completely and then reinstall it again.

  1. Strike a right-click on the Skype symbol from the system tray and click on the “Quit” button which is in the resulting context menu to close the program.
  2. Now press “Windows+R” at the same time on your keyboard to open “Run Command box”.
  3. Type “%AppData%\skype” in the command box and press “enter” or simply click on “OK” at the bottom of the box.
  4. Navigate a “file titled shared” and hit a click on that. Now, strike a click on “delete” and then “Confirm” the action to continue the process.
  5. Navigate to that folder which seems like a similar sub-title as your Skype username. Then hit double-click on that option to open that Skype folder.
  6. Search a file title that says “Config” and hit a right-click on that. Now, again click on “Delete” and confirm the action from the resulting pop-up Window.
  7. Now, repeat step 2 and step 3 again. But this time you’ve to type “%AppData%” in the run command box and then hit “Enter”.
  8. Search the Skype folder and strike a right-click on it. Then rename the folder to “Skype_old” and hit enter disregard all your old skype files.
  9. Start the Windows again and search for “Add or Remove Programs” to locate Skype from the list of “Installed Programs”.
  10. Now, click to “uninstall” Skype and follow the on-screen guidance to complete the method. Once you are done with complete uninstallation, restart your computer.
  11. Now go to the web browser and download a fresh copy of Skype and run the installer and check whether Skype is responding on Windows or not.


These two methods are the best all-time “Skype on Windows” error solutions. You can also try one or both of these solutions to get rid of this problem. Hopefully, this article has been helpful enough to help you deal with this issue. If the issue persists or Skype continues to fail to respond on Windows 10, it’s better to take expert assistance.