Your Mac Sound Not Working? Resolve The Issue In Easy Steps

Nobody wants to use a device that encounters glitches and annoying noise. And when your Mac device shows up with the problem of sound, it is quite annoying.  Often Mac users come up with the issue of Mac sound not working. There are plenty of minor and major issues that can cause this problem. Before fixing the issue firstly users should know the cause of no sound on Mac.

What Happens When Mac Sound Not Working?

Above all, you need to figure out what are the causes of such a problem. Secondly, know the signs so that you can figure out the problem before its too late and fix it.

When you see that the volume controls appear dull in color and there’s a red light blinking beside the headphone point, it indicates the sound not working issue. The major sign is your Mac will deliver occasional clicking or other unexpected sounds. Also, you will face hindrances in the sound while listening to music on your laptop.  The sound quality will decline too.

If you are encountering the same on your Mac device then its high time that you fix this sound issue on your device.

Easy Hacks To Fix It

Mac sound not working can cause various troubles to the Mac user. So read below to know the quick tricks to mend this issue.

  • Firstly, play a song and check when the bar progresses after a song is being played but without sound.
  • After checking the progression bar increase the volume.
  • After clicking on the volume bar an overlay pops up.
  • If the overlay does not show up, check the other applications.
  • The other applications include iTunes and Safari. It can happen that songs are playing in iTunes but not in Safari.
  • Enable the Safari sound.
  • Take out your headphones and check the headphone sockets and jacks.
  • Regenerate the core audio and restart your device.

Perplexed? Not Yet Fixed | We Can Help

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