Fix Windows Error 0xc000012f With An Expert Solution

Windows is a widely used OS compared to any other system. Certain glitches here and there in it is okay to live with. But, it also has some nasty companions like this hexadecimal Windows Error 0xc000012f. Many users are still unaware of this error message. Thus, they tend to panic or try out random solutions in order to get rid of it. However, that just makes thing worse.

Windows Error 0x000012f is often induced by a virus or malware attack or other precarious applications. Usually, a little troubleshooting fixes it, and if not, you will have to take the help of a professional. 

The Reason That Leads To Windows Error 0xc000012f

The Error 0xc000012f Windows 10 is self-explanatory. If you look into it, it has some technical description with the numeric error number. Usually, this is caused by a damaged Windows system file or corrupted system files. A glitch in the registry files may also lead to this error message.


The system file error could occur because of many reasons like an incomplete uninstallation or installation, not properly deleted applications or some hardware errors. Different PCs have different reasons. So it is better to have a word with their Support and let us detect the cause. Sometimes this error also pops after your system is infected with a malicious virus or it has just recovered from a spyware attack. Also, improper shutdown of the computer might delete or corrupt the entries of the system files.

Solutions For The  Windows Error 0xc000012f

Now that you know the reasons, you can move on to the solutions as well. There are a few things you can try for yourself before turning to the professionals for the help. These are quite basic, so you can easily perform them.

Here’s How To Resolve Windows Error 0xc000012f

  • Clean up the system junk files
  • Run the sfc/scan now command for repairing the system automatically.
  • Sometimes the KB2879017 update also causes the error. Hence, do a cumulative uninstall of Windows 10 update.
  • Create a system restore point and restore your system. Once, the system is restored, reboot it.
  • Windows frequently roll updates with the patches for fixing the errors. So, check if you have any updates pending and run the update to combat Windows Error 0xc000012f.

Easy Fixes For Origin Error 0xc000012f

This error code could affect your Origin program as well. So, here are a few things you can do for removing the program and reinstating your Origin program.

  • Run a clean boot. This will clear your system of any virus or problems causing the error.
  • Run the system file checker. It will check your system for the corrupt, damaged or missing files and will fix them.
  • Restore the health of your PC by using DISM command.
  • If the error popped up after a recent driver update, roll back the update.
  • If nothing above works, you might need to download and install certain DLL files.

Usually, one from the above solution will get your Windows 10 and Origin running. However, if you still struggling with Windows error 0xc000012f, it’s time for you to contact a professional. The thing is, these sort of error messages can take a toll on your PC and important files. Thus, get rid of the issue as soon as you can.