Easy Way To Resolve Adobe Error 150:30

Adobe is a top-notch application for Photoshop which provides the best image editing software by including several creative tools. It is only through the numerous tools of Adobe that is fueling their creativity and carving towards their professional excellence. With their innovative, efficient tools, the digital journey of men is becoming smoother each day. Apart from the good features, many users have also reported about Adobe Error 150: 30.

Whenever users attempt to open the Adobe application on Mac OS, they face the error message, ‘Licensing for this product has stopped working. ‘Error 150:30 problems include computer crashes, freezes, and possible virus infection. Go through this article and follow the mentioned steps and see if you can solve the error yourself.

If It Is The Adobe Error 150: 30 or Not?

An error message has appeared to your computer screen. It shows ‘Licensing for this product has stopped working’ or tell you to restart your computer and advise you to connect with your IT administrator. It feels too embarrassing to users.

Common Issues For Adobe Error Code 150: 30

Here is a list of possible causes of the Error 150 30.

  • Presence of SQLite journaling file.
  • Incomplete installation or an improper downloading of Adobe software.
  • Another program accidentally or maliciously deleted some of the Adobe files.
  • Adobe Acrobat related files corrupted by Virus or the malware infection.
  • Corrupted software.

The Adobe error 150 30 may occur for several reasons. So, you need to follow the troubleshooting process which is given below.

How To Troubleshoot  Adobe Error 150 30?

Disappointed by trying the methods available on the internet which can’t resolve the error? Follow this section correctly and see if you can troubleshoot the error yourself. Also, if the process seems too complicated for you, we are always here to help.

Run the License Repair Tool

A license repair tool can quickly resolve the error. Follow the steps which are given below.

  • Shut all of the apps of Adobe down.
  • Open your startup disk and locate Flexnet publisher.
  • Try to trigger the download process of the Adobe license repair tool.
  • Start with the License Repair Tool.
  • Close all your applications from Adobe and then start them back on.

Optimize the permission settings of the Adobe PCD folder

Follow the steps below and you would be able to set the permissions as it should be appearing on the following folder on your startup disk.

  • Get off the Adobe applications that you are using.
  • Use the finder to navigate the folder to change permission.
  • Check with the read and write permissions whether they are OK or not.
  • Change the read and write permissions of the administrator.
  • Reset the administrator password to your own.
  • Close the dialog box for getting info down and proceed.
  • Run the Adobe creative suite.

Trying these simple steps should resolve the Adobe Error 150: 30. But if you are still struggling with the problem, then you can get assistance from their Adobe Technical Support .

You can also sum up your queries and drop your service request at their registered email address. Adobe customer service representatives will inevitably revert in no time. Feel free to share your problems with  certified professionals. As soon as we receive your report, we will register it and get back to you with practical solutions.