How To Solve D3dx9_43.Dll Is Missing Windows 10 Error

D3dx9 43.dll is often missing Windows 10 when attempting to launch any Windows-based games and advanced graphics programs on your system. A number of DirectX errors related to the missing DLL files in Windows 10, however, are a quite generic error. In addition, the d3dx9 43.dll file appears to be one of the files you will find in the software sets of DirectX. Luckily, there are some relatively easy fixes to this issue. We’ve come up with the most effective and reliable solutions here in this article to solve this particular Windows 10 problem. So if you’re worried about this particular error, you don’t have to worry about it. Just look at this guide and find the most effective remedies for this frustrating issue.

Simple Methods to Resolve and Restore d3dx9_43 dll is Missing Error

Windows 10 error is missing if you want to solve 3dx9 43.dll, then you need to look for effective troubleshooting steps to resolve this. Below is a list of solutions that will help you effectively solve the error. You can restore it easily after that. To restore the d3dx9 43 dll file in Windows 10, perform all tasks one by one until your Windows 10 restore the file.

Solution 1: Download and Run the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

Mostly, the missing d3dx9 43 dll error occurs because of DirectX version incompatibility with your computer. With the web installer runtime of DirectX end-user, you can roll back to DirectX’s previous versions. Try to follow the instructions below to perform this action:

Step 1

Firstly, visit the manufacturer’s website. After that, type end-user runtime web installer in the search box which is present in the top-right of your screen. Then, press the Enter button.

Step 2

After that, select DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer and click on that. Then, you need to download it.

Step 3

Before click on the download option, you should switch the language from the drop-down menu. After changing the language, click on the Download option and install it on your system.

Step 4

After successful installation of the file, you can check it by trying to run a game on your system and verify whether it is running without any issue or not.

Solution 2: Install the Latest Version of DirectX

If the above action does not help you to restore the file then, install the DirectX with the latest version. At the same time, replace the missing or not found the d3dx9_43.dll file. To perform so, focus on the steps and carefully apply them.

Step 1

Go to the Start menu and in the search box, type Windows Update. After that, select check for updates option and click on it.

Step 2

After that, check if an update is available or not. If available, then update it accordingly and check if the file appears or not. When DirectX got the new update, restart the system.

Solution 3: Copy the d3dx9_43.dll File from an External Source

If the above two solutions fail to help you, then for finding d3dx9_43 dll is missing in Windows 10 you can copy the d3dx9_43.dll file from an external source which has the same Operating System as your PC have. To proceed further, follow the instructions analyzed below:

  1. Open the search box in your system after pressing Win key from your keyboard.
  2. Type System Information option in the search box and then click on the System Information option from the result which appears on your screen. You need to check the system type of your computer.
  3. After that, copy the file d3dx9_43.dll from an external source and paste it to the problem computer.
  4. Then, to open the File Explorer, press Win key + E together.
  5. After that, go to C:\Windows\System32. Then, type the file name that is d3dx9_43.dll. Next, hit the Enter button. If the result shows no record found, then move to the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and search for the same file.
  6. At last, copy the file and replace it to the same location from where you copied the d3dx9_43.dll file.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Programs

Basically, the d3dx9_43.dll file can also be missing due to some corrupted or faulty files working with it. In that case, firstly, you should uninstall and then again reinstall the programs. Then, run the programs and see whether it is working properly.

Solution 5: Update Video Card Driver

As we mentioned earlier, when you try to start any computer games on your system, the problem occurs. Therefore, you need to check the graphics driver because sometimes this frustrating problem arises in your Windows 10 PC due to an old and outdated version. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check the version of the video card. To check, open the website of the manufacturer and enter the model number of your system. Then monitor your system’s installed video card driver. Update the driver and install it on your system if an updated version is available. This time you can restore the d3dx9 43 dll is your own missing file. If you want to permanently get rid of this particular error, perform the above steps carefully without skipping any of them. Hopefully, these methods will help you the most, but if you still find the error persists, then contact an expert to remove the error.

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