Windows Defender 0x80073b01 – Apply These Easy Solutions

Windows Defender 0x80073b01 happens due to corrupted registry entry and corrupted file data. Misconfigured malware and virus attack can also cause this error code. If you do not take immediate actions, this error will lead to more worries spreading thereby in other applications and hardware.

Indications of Windows Defender 0x80073b01

If you are experiencing any such symptom, take prompt measures to curb this error message.

  • Your CPU usage will increase.
  • There will be a degradation in the performance of your system.
  • You will come across a problem in the internet connection.
  • Your system will face random shut down.
  • You will face trouble installing new applications.

Most important causes of Windows Defender 0x80073b01

A damaged Windows Defender will undoubtedly cause this error. Corrupted registry or misconfigured application file. If you open unsolicited emails, select on ads, and download attachments in such emails there are chances of this error. There are websites which include pop-up ads. If you land on those websites, you will receive such error codes. This error can occur because your computer does not have updated internet security software. Downloading of tools and applications from other websites in spite of the official websites can cause this conflict.


Malicious deletion of Windows Defender related files by some other program will again make this error occur. If you undertake a corrupt download or an incomplete installation of Windows Defender software, you will confront this error. A recent installation or uninstallation of Windows Defender related software is another reason. If your PC lacks an updated device driver and Windows, it will make the same error. In the case of several customers, system junk and an inappropriate installation of Windows seems to cause this error.

Measures to check Windows Defender 0x80073b01

We can provide you with appropriate measures which will suit your purpose. The upgrading of drivers and Windows is the first necessity. To find out whether any problem is arising from a corrupted registry, run a registry scan. It will detect the problematic portion of the registry. For all such error codes, you can run a complete malware scan. If you notice any malware or virus on your system, download and install an antivirus program. If your PC already has an antivirus then update it.

Edit the corrupted registry to remove the problematic entries from it. Since corrupted files can also cause the error, run system file checker. It will point out any corrupted files on your computer as well as rectify them. Perform a clean installation for your Windows. Uninstall and then reinstall Windows Defender Program which causes this error. Often clearing junk from your system and cancellation of recent system changes are very useful to resolve such errors.