iPhone Exchange Setup? Sync Email on iPhone

iPhone exchange setup is easy. You can easily set up your Exchange email on Apple iPhone. But some iPhone users do not know how to sync email on iPhone. Read this article, you will you’ll be able to access and synchronize your email, calendars and contacts, the reminder. Simply apply the given methods to set up your iPhone.

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How to sync Email On iPhone?

There are several methods which will help you to sync email on iPhone.

How To Set Up Microsoft Exchange Email on iPhone

  • Click on Settings>Mail>Contacts>Calendars>Add Account.
  • Click on Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter your full Gmail or Google Account email address, under Email
  • Now leave the Domain field blank and enter your Google account as Username.
  • Now enter the Password in the requested Email.
  • Then click “Next”. Now your iPhone will try to set up your account.
  • Select the information you want to synchronize between your account and your device, and then click on”Save”.
  • By default Mail, Contacts and Calendar will be synchronized.

How To Set Up Account, Contacts, Reminder?

  • Open Settings app
  • Click on MAil>Calendars>Add Accounts
  • Then enter your Exchange ActiveSync account settings and select what you want to sync among Mail, Contacts, and Reminder.
  • Now tap “save”

Sometimes you may face problem to find out server name. That makes an issue to determine your Exchange ActiveSync server name. Here is the solution to finding out server name.

iPhone Exchange Setup | How To Detect Your Server Name?

Follow these steps to determine your Exchange ActiveSync server name:

  • Sign in to your account with the help of Outlook Web app
  • Click on “Options” then click on “See All Options” and then “My Account”.
  • You will get Server name under the POP setting.

Follow the given process if the POP server name is in the format podxxxxx.outlook.com

  1. If your device is running Apple iOS 4.x or iOS 5.x then your Exchange ActiveSync server name is m.outlook.com
  2. You have the same Exchange ActiveSync Server name as your POP server name if your device is running Apple iOS 3.x
  3. Sometimes POP server name includes your organization’s name which looks like pop.contoso.com. That means your Exchange ActiveSync server name is the same as your Outlook Web App server name. If the address you use to access Outlook Web App is https://mail.contoso.com/owa, then your Exchange ActiveSync server name is mail.contoso.com.

Hope this article helped you to sync email, contacts, calendars for your iPhone. If you still have any query then contact an expert as soon as possible. For better result, you may have a word with Support for instant solutions.