Know Why Windows Defender Won’t Scan – Step-by-Step Guide

Windows Defender is the most preferred antivirus program available in the market. The antivirus program not only repairs the computer errors, protects its users from the data loss, hardware failure, it also optimizes your system for maximum performance. However, customers everyday approach us with several Windows Defender issues like it is not scanning, it freezes, etc. Did you find that your Windows Defender won’t scan?

Do not worry. Seek help from here and fix your Windows Defender problem in no time.

Customers Issues With Windows Defender

Customers call every day with several Windows Defender problems. their technical support team go through each and every query and solve all those with due patience and in a timely manner. Windows Defender often stops scanning Windows. And it is a very common problem. You can solve the problem with simple steps. Plenty of reasons are there for which Your Windows Defender isn’t able to scan.

Firstly, it may conflict with any other antivirus software program. Your computer may be already infected with a virus. Also, errors in Windows registry files often lead to such kinds of issues. However, you can solve the problem quite easily. You just need to follow their technical support guideline.

If you are not tech savvy we recommend you not to take the risk. It may damage your system permanently. Instead, seek help from their experts. We will help you to solve the scanning problem of Windows Defender.

Windows Defender Won’t Scan – What To Do?

Windows technicians are well-versed in solving all kinds of technical glitches related to Windows Defender. So, you can solve all the problems pretty easily following the guideline. Follow the guideline step by step and solve the problem in no time.


First Step: Fix Windows Registry Files Errors

  • First of all, right-click on the Windows button
  • Next, go to Command prompt
  • There type in sfc /scan now value. You will get to know all the error files if there is any

You can resolve the Windows Defender issue by resolving Windows registry files. However, proceed on to the next step.

Second Step: Uninstall Third-party Security Program

  • First, go to the Control Panel
  • Next search for the Security Program you want to uninstall
  • Now right click on the program and click to Uninstall

Uninstalling the antivirus can solve the problem. Windows Defender will scan files with ease.

Third Step: Clean Windows

  • Right-click on Start
  • Next, go to Settings
  • Now go to update and security. Thereafter click on Recovery
  • Then click on get started. Choose the option Remove Everything and Windows will be restored

Hope the above solutions will definitely solve your problem. If the problem still persists, do not hesitate to call their technical support team. We will provide you with assured solutions.

Since we offer solutions for , you can call at your pace. And you do not need to rush. their technical support team offers assistance at an affordable price range. We charge less. So, you can avail their quality service spending only a few dollars.