Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter “G” Feb, 2023

Baby Girl Name

Everyone wants their child’s name to be completely different. The practice of naming in Hinduism has been widespread from early times. A girl born into the Hindu religion is given such a name, which has some meaning. There is a process laid down in the Hindu religion for naming the girl. The name should always be catchy and have some meaning.

G Letter Names for Girl with Meaning

In Hinduism, it is believed that a girl’s name should be auspicious, beautiful, popular, and have meaning. By keeping a good name, the girl gets a lot of prestige in society, and people get attracted to her very quickly. In Hindu religion, it is believed that her name determines the nature of a girl. It can be derived from the first letter of the girl’s name, namely the G letter. Girl associated with the Hindu whose names start with the letter G are indisputably successful in life. Anyway, the name has a deep impact on life.

Latest Indian Baby Girl Names List with Meaning

Here is the list of latest trending names of Hindu Baby Girls starting with the letter “G” along with the meanings. I hope this helps you in selecting a modern and unique for your baby girl name. Apart from these names, many other names have been given on this website, see them too-

NameMeaning of Name
GirnaPraised/ Celebrity
GrahaLord Shiva/ Planet
GayatriThe mantra of salvation; mother of the gods; mother of vedas
GadadeviStrong woman
GaganaSky heaven
GaganadipikaSky lamp
GaganakundaSky pond
GagananganaCelestial maiden
GaganasindhuOcean of sky
GajagatiA gait as graceful as an elephant
GajalakshmiGoddess Lakshmi, Beautiful as an elephant
GajamuktaPearls on the forehead of elephants
GajgamaniMajestic elephant walk
GamatiFlexible mind
GambhariTouch the sky
GananayikaAnother name for Goddess Parvati
GanarupaA flower of madar tree which is offered to shiva
GanavatiFollowed the attendants
GandhaliFragrant, Sweet fragrance, Fragrance of flowers
GandhariFrom Gandhara
GandharikaMaking perfume
GandharvasenaArmy of Gandharvas
GandhavajraWith fragrant thunderbolt, a goddess
GandhavalliFragrant creeper
GandhavatiSweet smelling
GanesaWish you success
GangaThe River Ganges
Ganga, GangotriHoly river of india
GangamaHold of river ganga
GangiGoddess Durga
GangikaThe River Ganges
GangotriHoly river of india

Beautiful Baby Girl Names from G letter

GanjanOver, cross
GaratiA virtuous woman
GargiName of a learned woman, Goddess Durga, Scholar
GarimaWarmth, Might, Power, Honor
GatitaThe name of a river
GauraFair lady, Goddess Parvati, Name of a raga Name
GauriFair lady, Goddess Parvati
GaurikaYoung, beautiful
GautamiGodavari river, wife of sage Gautama
GayathriGoddess Saraswati, Mother of Vedas
GeetMelody, song
GeetaHindu holy book, Bhagavad Gita
GeetanjaliCollection of poems or songs, presentation of songs as an offering
GeetiMelody, song
GeetikaLittle song
GhanamalikaThe clouds
GhewriFull of sweetness
GiinniPrecious gold coin
GiraLanguage of god
GiribalaGoddess Parvati
GirijaBorn from a mountain, Goddess Parvati
GirikaLord Shiva, Heart of the Gods
GirikarniMountain lotus
GirishaGoddess Parvati
GirjaGoddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva
GitaHindu holy book, Bhagavad Gita
GitaliLover of song, melodious
GitanjaliCollection of poems or songs, offering of songs, sweet tribute
GitashriBhagwat Gita
Githika, GitikaA little song
GnanachelviIntelligent girl
GnanamalarWise flower
GnanamangalaIntelligent girl
GnanamaniWise gem
GnaneshwariIntelligent, Name of Goddess Lakshmi
GodavariGodavari River
GodavriGodavari River
GomatiThe name of a river
GominiGoddess Lakshmi, Owner of cattle
GomtiThe name of a river
GopaWife of Lord Gautam Buddha
GopiMilkman friend of Lord Krishna, Cowherd, Protector of cows
GopikaCowherd woman

Modern and Unique Baby Boy Names With Meaning

GormaGoddess Parvati
GorochanaGoddess Parvati
Gorochana, GormaGoddess Parvati
GourangiFair complexion
GouthamiFull of life, name of a river
GovindiDevotees of Lord Krishna
GowriRadiant, Goddess Parvati
GowtamiRiver of India; Godavari River
GreeshmaWeather type
GrhalakshmiGoddess of home
GrhitaUnderstood and accepted
GrihalakshmiGoddess of home
GulalAuspicious powder
GunaGood character
GunalakshmiLakshmi Guni
GunasundariBeautified with virtues
GunavatiVirtuoso, expert
GunitaReligious, Proficient
GunjanHum of bee
GunjanaHum of bee
GunjikaHum of bee
GunjitaHum of bee
GunvantiVirtuous, full of virtues
GurpraveenGoddess of stars
GurudaGiven by guru
GurumitaMaster’s friend
GyanadaGoddess Saraswati

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