Operating System Not Found Windows 10? Fix the Error right Now!

Windows is the most popular operating system developed and marketed by Microsoft. An operating system is a very important software that runs on a computer. It manages the computer’s memory and process both its software and hardware. It allows you to communicate with the network. Missing operating system or operating System not found Windows 10 is an error message usually appears when you start up your computer. 


The error windows 10 missing operating system happens due to corrupted Boot Configuration Data (BCD), problematic BIOS configuration, faulty hardware, etc. If you encounter this error, do not get on your nerves, call at once to obtain unmatched service facility. Contact their technical experts to know how to fix operating system not found windows 10 and avail quality servicing tips. We have skilled engineers who can deliver you quality service at an affordable rate within a short period of time.

Know the probable causes behind windows 10 missing operating system error :

  • When you get to see an Operating System not found the error message, it is possible that the partition containing your operating system is not active. Therefore you need to set the system partition to active mode and get your windows 10 missing operating system fix.
  • The missing operating system may come from boot loading issues. You have to check rebuilding BCD to solve the problem.
  • The problems in BIOS can also be one of the leading causes of your Operating System not found Windows 10 error. You need to reset its configuration.
  • # Note: Configuring BIOS  is an advanced and complicated work. Improper processing can result in unexpected consequences that one has to face. You may need to ask a computer expert for help if you are not familiar with BIOS.


  • Windows Master Boot Record disk may be corrupt or damaged
  • Sometimes system hard disk drive failure due to physical or logical damage cause the operating system not found windows 10 error message to generate
  • If none of the causes mentioned above help you to detect windows 10 missing operating system error message, then you may need to consider it as a hardware issue. You can test with another data cable or even another hard drive.

If you encounter any hardware or software problem that you cannot deal with yourself, then the wise recommendation for you is that you contact customer helpline number for Windows with Support and get exact solutions and further assistance.