Want to Permanently Disable Windows Defender Windows 10? Fix

Windows Defender is the free antivirus software that is built in Windows 8.1 and 10 on every edition. Just as other antivirus software, it is built to protect your computer from any possible viruses, spyware or other sorts of malicious code. Windows defender usually disables itself when it detects another security software installed on your PC. However, it is not permanently disabled, perhaps because Microsoft doesn’t want your Windows 10 to operate without any protection. If you want to permanently disable windows defender windows 10, for example, when you are installing a new program or connecting some peripherals


Know Why you should turn off windows defender windows 10:

  • During copying big data from Pc to USB or vice versa, disabling Windows Defender can decrease the total copy time
  • Users may experience conflicts between Defender and their antivirus application
  • Some antivirus programs ask the user to turn off or disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 manually
  • If you’ve got it enabled, chances are Windows Defender will start each time you boot your PC. If you’re short on resources, have your methods of dealing with spyware or have concluded merely that Windows Defender is not for you then you might want to disable it.

Before you continue with the permanent disabling process, let us remind you that the process needs professional backup, and it should only be performed if you know how to uninstall windows defender windows 10 first. If you are an advanced user, i.e., you are familiar with regedit in a Virtual Machine then only permanently disable windows defender windows 10.

Under no circumstances, you should use regedit to complete this task. Failure of this procedure may be damaging to your hardware. Faulty changing Registry can lead to unrecoverable damage to your computer. It is strongly suggested that you first backup the registry with the best of your knowledge to avoid such problem.

Some ways that you can choose to Permanently disable Windows Defender Windows 10 

  1. Get it from settings.
  2. You can also avail it from Local Group Policy.