How to Resolve Epson Printer Recovery Mode Problems? Fix Issues Immediately

Being stuck in the Epson printer recovery mode could be annoying. All you were trying to do was to update your printer using the Epson driver update. And this was how your printer reacted to your good motives.

If your printer is in its guarantee or warranty period, you can get this fixed by the dealer. And if not, you can come to us for the best solution. We have affordable service pricing with no hidden cost. We always want the best for you.

Why Is Your Epson Printer Stuck In Recovery Mode?

Epson printer recovery mode appears when the firmware update procedure interferes. It can be because of incidences like product been powered off accidentally, removed cables or canceling the installation.

What makes this more irritating is that you can’t do anything until the recovery is going on. But there is a way out. And of course, we are always there for your help if your Epson printer is stuck in the recovery mode.

Epson Printer Recovery Mode Fix

If your Epson printer is stuck in the cyclone of recovery mode, there’s a little something you can do while you are waiting.

After a while, there will be a pop-up Window on your screen with a link saying Epson firmware updater download site. Click on the link and start the download. After the download is completed, run it regularly for your Windows. You will keep receiving on-screen instructions, follow them and complete the update.

What if the pop-up Windows don’t appear or you have canceled it accidentally? No worries. You can download the firmware recovery tool Epson manually from its website. For manually updating the firmware in Windows, make sure your printer and computer are on the same network.

Start with going on start. From there go to all programs or programs. Now select Epson software and click on Epson software updater. If you don’t come across Epson software updater in the list, go to the software updater page and download and install it. The update screen will appear when you are all set to run the update, check every box next to every update before clocking install. Then a series of onscreen instructions will resemble, follow them to complete the upgrade.