Troubleshoot HP Printer Error Code 79 With Expert Guidance

HP Printers are multifunctional and durable printers with robust features. Being an electronic device, it is not free from glitches. Often users complain about various issues and one of them is the HP printer error code 79. It mostly happens when the printer cannot print flawless content due to a technical fault. As a result, the printing slows down and the output is soiled. If you are facing similar issues, read the article to know more about the code and the hacks to resolve them.

HP Printer Error Code 79: The Probable Reasons

A bad print job is a probable reason behind the glitch. But, this can occur due to various reasons.

  • You may face error code 79 on HP printer if the print job faces a technical defect. That means the pages to be printed will not slide down properly and the output will be different.
  • Outdated firmware is another reason behind this issue. It snaps the connection between your HP printer and the spooler.
  • Similarly, an outdated printer driver can cause similar error codes.
  • Damaged or broken USB cables may lead to such an error.
  • There can be a hardware trouble as well.

These are some reasons behind the issue. However, there are some simple techniques that you can follow to resolve them.

Effective Solutions To Resolve HP Printer Error Code 79

The easy solutions stated herein will help you terminate the problem. It works for most models of HP laser printers. In case you face any difficulty, call the HP customer support number() for instant solutions. The experts are knowledgeable and have been dealing with problems for a long time.

Solution 1

As an essential step, you can switch of your HP printer and remove the print job from your device.

Next, move to the “See What’s Printing” section from the domain network. Now, check the account holders.

Sign in to your account and remove them one by one from the domain network.

Switch off the tap you were using and press the Power button to start the HP printer. This method works for most of the HP printers and needs a strong network connection and a valid admin account. Move on to the next solution if this does not work.

Solution 2

You can update your printer drivers to resolve the issue. First, restart your HP printer with the USB cord.

Then attach an Ethernet cable from the HP printer to the router. Now choose the network on the Printer screen and check for an authentic IP address. Once the connection is established, a firmware update program will start.

Navigate to the Settings option and choose the LaserJet Update then the Check For Updates tab. Finally, choose the option update, download, and install tab.

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