Resolve Malwarebytes Error code 20026 | Best Solution

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that keeps your system safe against malware, ransomware, and other advanced online threats. In this massive digitization, getting hit with malware is really disappointing. In this situation, Malwarebytes comes to your rescue. But what if there is a fault in the malware software itself, and you are getting the Malwarebytes error code 20026. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Call to Tech Support to mitigate the error.

Indications of Malwarebytes Error Code 20026 occurrence

Firstly you need to detect the primary symptoms, to recognize the sudden occurrence of Malwarebytes error code 20026.

  • A sudden appearance of “Error 20026” which crashes the operating window.
  • The message “Malwarebytes was unable to load the Anti-Rootkit Driver” appears on the screen.
  • Slow response of Windows for all mouse or keyboard inputs.
  • Intermittent freezing of Windows OS.

Reasons behind the occurrence of Malwarebytes error code 20026

Before you know how to Troubleshoot the error, you must know the underlying causes of the error code.

  • Corrupt installation of Malwarebytes software.
  • Fault in Windows registry related to a recent software change.
  • Corrupted Windows files due to virus or malware attack.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware associated files get deleted unknowingly.

Essential Troubleshooting steps for error code 20026

Their Tech support has enlisted a few necessary hacks to help you resolve the issue to resume your daily work. These are the temporary solutions to help you out of this situation. For seeking a permanent solution, you can avail their Tech support assistance.

Restart your device

An essential step to sort the error is restarting the device. You can reboot your computer to find out if the error still exists. You need to follow the next steps provided in case you still face the error.

Clean System Junks

With the passage of time, junks keep accumulating in your computer, due to web surfing. These junks can be one of the reasons behind the slow response of the Malwarebytes and consequently lead to the occurrence of the error code 20026. You need to Clean up these temporary files using Disk Cleanup.

Install a fresh copy

The final option that you can utilize is to install a fresh copy of the Malwarebytes software. Reinstalling the software will remove all the corrupted files and the error as well.

If you are still having problems regarding Malwarebytes error code 20026, you should take help from their Tech Support team. They can guide you with an immense number of troubleshooting hacks.


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