Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code b200: Easy And Simple Steps

Canon printers are quite popular and are recognized Worldwide. These printers are very user-friendly and possess high-end printing capabilities. The Canon printer error code b200 is the basic issue that every Canon printers users come across at least once.

You can fix this issue with the general solutions provided in this article. But these solutions are generic and may not work all the time. So before going learning the solutions, let us make know the actual cause of the Canon printer error code b200. Knowing the cause helps in troubleshooting the issue rather easily.

Canon printer error code b200 generally occurs due to overheating of the device. The overheating occurs when the resistor present inside the printer releases an excessive amount of heat. Hence, the device becomes unstable, and it notifies you of the glitch with the help of an error code.

Solutions For Canon Printer Error Code b200

Canon printer b200 error code is quite easy to solve, but it may prove difficult if you are not tech-savvy. However, you can follow these steps and see if that fixes the printer. As you know, there are two types of Canon printers available on the market. One comes with 2 ink cartridges, and other has more than 4 ink cartridges. We will provide a solution for both for the convenience of their users.

Troubleshooting Canon ink printer with 2 ink cartridges

Firstly, check the cartridge and try to remove it from the slot. Replace the old cartridge with a new one.

Try to clean or do a nozzle check. This is the important step that you need to follow every time after replacing the cartridges.

Solutions for Canon printer with 4+ ink cartridges

To troubleshoot 4 cartridges ink printer, open the top half of your printer and displace all the cartridges from the printers. After this step, move on to the next step and remove the printhead and try to clean it.

After cleaning the printhead, place the device inside the printer carefully and lock the lever as well. Then disconnect all the cords that are directly or indirectly adjoined with the printer. Wait for few seconds and again plug in all the cords.

After performing the steps mentioned above-