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iPhone is the world’s most popular personal device, designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It has a fast and reliable user interface and a robust mobile operating system that allows users to have a trouble free iPhone experience. Despite its smart features and fast processor, iPhone has its glitches. iPhone Error -1 During Restore is one of the most common reason nowadays.


Itunes could not restore the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected is a message that appears when you try to restore your iPhone using iTunes on your computer while the phone is connected to it. This needs to be fixed at the right time before it damages more to the device.

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iPhone Error -1 During Restore? Know all about its causes and symptoms

Performing a full restore is not something you would like to do on a regular basis. It is difficult and takes up hours of your valuable time. Moreover encountering issues with the same, makes it even more tedious to resolve and move further.  iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected, is an issue which needs an expert help and also resolving it becomes essential but knowing the causes and symptoms becomes essential.

Some of the symptoms that you might encounter are:

  • iPhone or IOS device timed out when it was syncing with iTunes.
  • A pop-up appears showing that you had an unknown error, which has occurred during the syncing procedure.
  • You received the iTunes Error during updates or restorations.
  • The device cannot operate at its full capacity since it requires more power.
  • The device is performing faster when you switch to a higher rated USB port.


The usual message that appears is, iTunes could not restore the iPhone because an error occurred. Some of the typical causes to it are software issues. Few other causes are listed below:

  • Jailbreaking causes these sort of error.
  • Security software on your computer is causing the communication error
  • Your firewall is interrupting your Windows or your Mac to your server.
  • There has been a network setting error, or it has been corrupted in some way.
  • The USB cable that has caused an interruption in the update or the restoration process.

Crucial technical issues like these require expert solutions iPhone keeps disconnecting during restore is an issue that will need all the technical solutions to resolve.