Top 5 Eating Mistakes That You Should Avoid After Workout

Most of us like to work out and follow strict working out rules. But sometimes we feel that even after work we are unable to achieve our goals. But have you ever wondered why does that happen with you? That because we might commit these eating mistakes post-workout. Wondering what we are talking about?

Well, check the list below to know those 5 eating mistakes that we might commit after working out.

1. Alcohol


Most of you think that it’s only the food and fats that you need to cut on or only soft drinks with artificial sweeteners harm the body. Thinking all this you just grab your wine bottle to have a glass or two full of it. Well, you shouldn’t. According to a study if you drink wine right after the workout it may cause harm to your muscles’ ability to rebuild and recover from the intense workout. However, a glass of beer or wine occasionally doesn’t really cause harm.

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2. All protein diet


There is a big-time myth that when you do a heavy workout you need pounds and pounds of a protein-rich diet. Some might go ahead and have those protein supplements and shakes. But we shouldn’t really live on protein only. Our body needs daily intakes of almost everything in order to function well. Also, there is no need to intake a lot of protein right after the workout. For your daily need of protein on can have 28g of protein in breakfast, 30 g for lunch, and 28g for dinner. And you are good to go!

3. Holding back on crabs


Experts say that after intense workout our muscles need more glycogen in order to grow stronger. So we should eat like fruit, vegetables, whole grain as they are a great source of glycogen.

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4. Drink less water


Another mistake that you commit is not drinking enough water. Even when you not working-out you do need to drink a lot of water. And when you work-out you need even more water to drink as you sweat a lot. Even if you do a light workout and didn’t actually sweat you should drink a lot of water.

5. Overeat on cheat days


When you work out you think you can eat whatever you want. But that’s a myth you need to maintain your diet plan and shouldn’t overeat at all.

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