What is Corona Virus – nCoV

Novel Corona virus - nCoV

What is Novel Coronavirus – nCoV?

Its full name is Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Coronavirus is a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. This is a new type of virus which was first found in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The virus was never identified before. Hence it is named Novell.

What is the source of 2019 novel corona virus?

So far, no firm information has been found about where the virus spread. But coronaviruses are a large species of many viruses, some of which spread to humans and other animals. When this virus spread in Wuhan, China, it was said that their source was the market of marine animals and animals. From this, it has been speculated that the virus is spread by an animal.

What are the early signs of infection with Novel Coronavirus?

The symptoms that have been found in patients infected with this Varas till now are high fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.

Coronavirus symptoms
Coronavirus symptoms

What is the Government of India doing to prevent this?

The Government of India has created a helpline which is active working hours a day. People can get every information related to this disease on this helpline (91-22-23978046). Apart from this, special monitoring is being done on this infection and symptoms in every state of the country.

The helpline number: – 91-22-23978046

Is there a vaccine available to prevent this?

No, till now there is no vaccine available to prevent this virus. Nor has any definitive cure for this infection been found so far. Should you check for Novel Coronavirus infection? If you notice symptoms like high fever, difficulty in breathing, first see a doctor at your nearest health center. If they say, then get an inquiry done.

What to do if corona-viruses come into contact with an infected person?

From the day you last came in contact with that person, keep an eye on symptoms like high fever, cold, difficulty in breathing daily for 28 days. If these symptoms are found, then go to the health center and get treatment.