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Windows update error 0x800705b4 happens to errors in Windows Update and Windows Defender. It may also occur due to corrupted files in your computer. When you update your Windows system, you may get this error. If your Windows is not of the latest version, then it will show this error. The problem can lie with Windows update settings as well.

Lack of proper measures at the right time to resolve this can harm your computer. Even if your computer does not crash, it can slow down and, you can find files missing from your PC. This error is common withers of Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.


How Can You Identify Windows Update Error 0x800705b4

You can check whether the signs below are matching with that of yours. If you find a connection, then you are too experiencing this error.

  • Occasionally Windows will fail to install updates.
  • You will receive an error message stating that were some problem to install Windows update and try later.
  • After a system update, your computer will fail to install a new driver.
  • You will see the error code 0x800705b4 on your monitor.

Causes Of Error 0x800705b4

When the operating system fails to update itself, this error pops up. Damaged Windows system files or corrupted system can lead to this error. A problem in the current system status is another cause. Corrupted registry entries or any other error in the registry will also cause this trouble for users.

Virus and malware attack on your PC is an integral factor in this regard. Windows update error may take place due to this error code. If your computer’s operating system and device driver are not of the latest version, they will display this error. Third-party antivirus software on your PC can also restrain Windows update.

This error can happen because of corruption of any system file. The existing antivirus software on your computer may interfere while updating Windows. If Windows Defender service is not running on your device, your computer’s screen will highlight this error. This error also emerges when you update your Windows without performing a clean installation for it. Third-party antivirus or firewall is yet another cause.


Easy Methods To Fix Error 0x800705b4

However, you can reset the components of Windows update and update the operating system. You can simply detect the corrupted files by running SFC and DISM scan. Make sure that the antivirus on your PC is not creating any problem. Enable Windows Defender service on your PC.

Perform a soft restart to remove any glitches which are preventing the Windows update. Run a chkdsk scan to repair any corrupted file. If required, perform a clean installation of your Windows. Reset Windows update settings and update Windows Defender from the security center. To fix any problem on your current system status, conduct a system restore. You may download and install an automated tool to fix this issue.

Complete Solution of Windows Defender Error Code 0x800705b4

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