Choose Out Of These 7 Auspicious Colours for Your House According To Vastu Shastra

Our house is the only place on the planet that keeps us safe and protected. It protects us from outer threats, both man-made and natural. And many people believe that it is equally important to maintain the positive energies in the house. For that purpose, people take help of Vastu Shastra. So today we decided to enlighten you a little more about the powers of Vastu Shasta. In this article, we will learn about how colours on the walls of our house have an impact on our lives.

Know about the colours and their meaning according to Vastu Shastra.

1. Green

The Green colour is known for harmony, healing and calm properties. It stands for hope and it is advisable to paint the walls of the study room or living room with green colour. This colour helps to maintain a good atmosphere in the house, It suits in the north side rooms.

2. Orange

Orange is the colour of success, power, happiness, optimism, good relationships, and also spirituality. This colour will never fail to bring positive energy around you. Kids’ room should be painted with orange colour, though you can paint any wall of your house with this colour.

3. Blue

The blue colour symbolizes a new beginning and bloom. This will make the aura calm and subtle. One can paint a meditation room, bedroom with this colour. Westside rooms are best suited for this colour.

4. Red

Red symbolizes power, passion and bravery. But one should avoid using it to the bedrooms.

5. Yellow

This colour stands for patience. One shouldn’t confuse it with ‘pale’, choose a bright and sunny yellow to paint the walls of the room which doesn’t get enough sunlight.

6. Pink

Pink is the colour of joy, purity and grace. One has this paint on the walls of bedrooms, living rooms or rooms that are in the Southwest of the house.

7. Black

The black colour is not considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra. It brings negativity and may cause despair, hopelessness and constant disturbance in life and family.