How To Activate iPhone Without Sim Card | Easy Solution

When it comes to activating or make use of your mobile phone, of course, a sim card is what you need. Does that mean the idea to activate iPhone without sim is next to impossible? Surprisingly, no it’s not. There are ways you can use to active iPhone without a valid sim card.

Buying a new iPhone and activating the same is a real short of exciting. However, when you switch on the device, an error message kicks into your mobile screen, saying ‘no sim card installed.’ There are times when we don’t have a valid sim card to activate iPhone. Although it’s crucial to activate the phone as soon as you buy a brand new one.

In this situation, you can wait for a new sim. Or you have two option try these simple steps. On the other hand, you can get in touch with the talented experts as an alternative if things go south. The solution should work well. In case they don’t, dial the toll-free number or even chat with the experts for an instant answer.


How to Activate iPhone Without Sim

In case you’re wondering how to bypass iPhone activation without sim card, we’ve got it covered. Yes, it is true, you can set up your iPhone without having a valid sim card inserted in it. Follow these steps to experience the activate iPhone without sim.


  • The most effective way is iTunes when you don’t have a sim card. Connect your iPhone to the iTunes. It is the most trusted software when it comes to iOS devices. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer then connect your iPhone using in pack USB cable. iTunes will automatically start and will detect your iPhone. When directed to sync, complete the process. Once done with everything detach the iPhone and set up your iPhone.


  • Another useful trick is an emergency call. Sounds silly? But it’s not. This is a helpful trick to play, but this will not connect to the emergency number. When you see the message “no sim card installed” press home button to see the emergency call option. Dial the number and press power on/off switch to cut the call. When the message prompted press Ok and you’re set. This is a trick, so be sure about it. And most importantly, be more careful while performing the method.


  • Again, you can use R-Sim or X-sim instead of an actual sim card. Use the sim tray to insert the R-Sim or X-Sim, and you will see various network providers. Select your preferred network and continue when prompted press on the link to get the code.  After entering the system, you need to select your iPhone model number. Wait for the process to complete. Now you are all set to use iPhone without a sim card.