45+ Beautiful Hindu Baby Boy Names Born on Wednesday with Meaning

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The first letter of the name is known on the basis of planetary constellation on the day the children are born. You can also name your children based on the same day. The tradition of naming children after their birth has been followed since ancient times. It is a tradition in which the child is given a name for life along with the rituals.

Hindu Baby Names Born in Wednesday

Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. If your child is born on Wednesday then you can name him after Lord Ganesha. It is important for people to know about these names. In this article we are telling you the names of children born on Wednesday.

A little guest has arrived at your place on Wednesday. If you are looking for a beautiful name for him, then today we will tell you some beautiful names. The ruling planet of Wednesday is Mercury, which is representative of business, intelligence and communication. In such a situation, children who are born on Wednesday are influenced by these qualities. Good luck and prosperity reside in their lives. Let us tell you some names for children born on Wednesday.

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Wednesday Born Baby Boy Names List

  1. Arnav (अर्णव) – Ocean
  2. Aarav (आरव) – Peaceful, Sound
  3. Ritik (ऋतिक) – Stream, Principle, Truth
  4. Divya (दिव्य) – Divine, Heavenly
  5. Nived (निवेद) – Offering
  6. Kavya (काव्य) – Poem, Poetry
  7. Ved (वेद) – Sacred knowledge
  8. Ganesh (गणेश) – Lord of the multitudes
  9. Ganpati (गणपति) – Leader of the Ganas (Lord Ganesh)
  10. Gajanan (गजानन) – Elephant-faced (Lord Ganesh)
  11. Riddhi (रिद्धि) – Prosperity
  12. Dharmik (धर्मिक) – Religious, Righteous
  13. Samriddhi (समृद्धि) – Prosperity, Wealth
  14. Siddhi (सिद्धि) – Spiritual power, Achievement
  15. Ramapriya (रामप्रिया) – Beloved of Rama
  16. Ramini (रामिणी) – Beautiful woman
  17. Durja (दुर्जा) – The invincible
  18. Ramara (रामरा) – Pleasing, Charming
  19. Sarvika (सार्विका) – Universal
  20. Haridra (हरिद्र) – Turmeric, Golden colored
  21. Gyanavi (ज्ञानवी) – Full of knowledge
  22. Gyana (ज्ञाना) – Knowledge
  23. Kirti (कीर्ति) – Fame, Glory
  24. Gayana (गयाना) – Singing, A form of song
  25. Akrita (अकृता) – Uncreated
  26. Amit (अमित) – Infinite, Boundless
  27. Manomay (मनोमय) – Conqueror of one’s heart
  28. Kripalu (कृपालु) – Merciful, Compassionate
  29. Avigna (अविग्न) – Without obstacles
  30. Mangalamurti (मंगलमूर्ति) – Auspicious form
  31. Maheshwaram (महेश्वरम) – Lord of the universe (Lord Shiva)
  32. Bhupati (भूपति) – Lord of the earth
  33. Ishwar (ईश्वर) – God, Supreme being
  34. Bhuvanpati (भुवनपति) – Lord of the world
  35. Deva (देवा) – Divine, God
  36. Devavrata (देवव्रत) – Devoted to the gods
  37. Chaturbhuj (चतुर्भुज) – Four-armed
  38. Ekadant (एकदंत) – One-tusked (Lord Ganesh)
  39. Ekadrushta (एकदृष्टा) – Single-focused
  40. Gamini (गामिनी) – Walker, Mover
  41. Gamyaa (गम्या) – A destination
  42. Ganakashi (गनाकशी) – Like a sky full of clouds
  43. Ganamurti (गनमूर्ति) – Idol of the masses
  44. Ganavi (गनवी) – Leader, Guide
  45. Gandhalika (गंधलिका) – Fragrant
  46. Gan (गण) – Group, Multitude
  47. Gandhara (गंधारा) – Name of an ancient kingdom; fragrance

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