Effective Guidelines To Fix AMD Quick Stream Error

“The license information that uses this software is not found” is an error message which most of you might have seen while you are using AMD Quick Stream. This is a technical problem that pops up when AMD users attempt to upgrade the Windows system or are installing a driver update patch. To Eradicate AMD Quick Stream Error, we will go through the solutions that are effective to apply. However, the users can also face this problem when the application is unable to verify whether the software is authentic to use. Below we will explain simple workarounds to deal with this problem.

But before we move ahead to the solution part, let us know more about AMD Quick Stream Technology.

The AMD Quick Stream is an Internet stream optimization software designed by AppEx Networks’ IPEQ technology that shapes the Internet data streams flowing in and out the PC. It enables a high‐priority stream that will dynamically work with a better network resource features.  However, this is needed when there is a competition for a limited bandwidth.

Solutions to Eradicate AMD Quick Stream Error

Below, the proficient engineers of Support who are extremely fluent in resolving all your issues with AMD have come up with the two most effective ways to resolve this problem. Let us discuss them one by one:

Solution 1: Reinstalling The AMD Quick Stream Application

Like we explained in the beginning that this is an error when users attempt to upgrade their Windows to its latest version. Once done, most probably users will still be installing the older version of all the applications. Windows version 8.1 is mostly preferred in this case. Well, here users need to first uninstall the software by navigating to the Control Panel. One must download the latest version and install it as per the guidelines. You can follow the instructions below as suggested by the experts to sort your issues with AMD quick stream error Windows 10:

  • The foremost step is to tap “Windows + R” and type “appwiz.cpl” command. Press the “Enter” button to perform the action.
  • All of the computer applications installed on the PC will be listed on the screen. Navigate through all these applications until the “AMD Quick Stream” is visible on the screen. Now, right-click on it and choose “Uninstall” button.
  • To eradicate AMD Quick Stream error, one must go after with all the onscreen instructions to uninstall the application carefully. Now, perform a reboot of the computer.
  • Finally, head over to AMD’s official website to download the latest versions and run its executable file.

Solution 2: Running Clean Boot

This is the second solution where users need to run the clean boot process. Once done, users should try to launch the application and perform a thorough check whether this problem still persists or not. Users must determine which all applications are causing this issue. After checking them up, simply uninstall them:

  1. Press the Windows + R as this will launch the Run application. The next step is that users must type “msconfig” command, visible in the dialogue box. Tap the “Enter” icon.
  2. Here, navigate to the “Services tab”.
  3. Now, one must have a check on the line saying “Hide all Microsoft services”. Users need to tap it to disable all Microsoft related services except third-party services.
  4. One must tap  “Disable all” button to disable all third-party services.
  5. Click on “Apply” button to modify all changes and exit.
  6. Navigate to the Startup tab and choose  “Open Task Manager” option.
  7. At last, as advised by experts, click “Disable” icon. Restart the computer to check whether the error still persists or not?

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