Resolve Apple Error 1671 – Instant Solutions To iTunes Error

A third-party security software prevents iTunes from connecting to Apple servers or your iDevices. Apple error 1671 occurs when iTunes is unable to connect to Apple signing servers. Thus, it is also known as iTunes error 1671. So one of the most common reason is the presence of any third party software.

Users try to sync, update, store backup or restore their Devices like iPad and iPhone through Apple servers or iTunes. This results in Apple error 1671. The host file is an operating system file in the computer that translates human-friendly hostnames into IP Addresses. The function of this IP Address is to locate a host in an IP network. Error 1671 sometimes originates because of this host file.

The problem may sound a complicated one. However, you can solve the issue within a matter of minutes if proper instruction is followed. If the solutions fail to work for, your device may need urgent tech help. So get in touch with immediately.

What Leads To Apple Error 1671?

  • Outdated version of iTunes
  • The operating system of your device is not updated
  • Invalid or outdated antivirus
  • Virus attack due to the absence of antivirus in your device
  • The connection of too many USB controllers to your computer
  • Some problem in USB connection
  • Either the software is out-of-date or there is a recent modification in it
  • Failure in the connection with Apple server due to faulty or slow USB Hub

These are not the only reasons. It depends on your device and other factors. 

How Can You Fix Apple or iTunes Error 1671?

Fixing Apple error 1671 is relatively easy if you can avail of any professional support. However, here are some simple guidelines for your convenience. If these do not work, we are here to help.

  • You can update iTunes to the latest version
  • Update latest version of OS for your computer
  • Ensure compatibility of the iOS device with the iTunes version
  • Disconnect unwanted USB cables
  • Update the antivirus and scan your device to detect any virus attack and get rid of it immediately.
  • Connect your iOS device to a compatible USB port
  • For this method, connect your device with your PC. Disable any antivirus program running in the background of your device. After that, search for the host file on your PC. Now, open iTunes and restore your iDevice. Finally, open the folder and insert the host file in it.