Bitdefender VPN Error 1004 – Get Ways To Fix It From Bitdefender

Bitdefender is an anti-malware software program which is commonly used by every user for its reliability and threat detection capability. It performs optimally without a pause regarding malicious activities and defending your system from external threats spam messages etc. Though it has so many positive features to talk about, the user often encounter error reports. Bitdefender VPN error 1004 is one of such issues which is commonly faced by users while using the antivirus program.

Symptoms Related to Bitdefender VPN Error 1004

The error report mainly arises due to the incomplete installation of the Bitdefender total security antivirus program. Sometimes it also results from an incomplete update or corruption in Windows registry files. However, there are few symptoms that you can come across while getting this error report Bitdefender VPN error 1004:

  • The error report 1004 appears on your screen and interrupts your current window.
  • Windows runs very slow and fails to respond at any click of your mouse or keyboard.
  • Windows tend to freeze and get back to normal again within seconds periodically.
  • Bitdefender error 1004 will pop up quite frequently.


In case, you are facing these symptoms along with the error report you can try checking your internet connection at first. A lot of issue arises from slow server response and internet connections. Make sure your antivirus program is set up properly. Check the settings for Bitdefender Firewall and network modules settings. In case, you are still finding the problem with the antivirus you can contact their Bitdefender Customer Support Number who will solve your issue on your behalf.

Their Bitdefender Customer Support

 Resolve The Bitdefender VPN error 1004 with the help of their Tech Experts. We aim to provide their customers with satisfaction and reliability and strive towards perfection while offering their services. their customer service is one of the best services on the field. We don’t talk you into solution, but we make it happen for you.

We can take care of your issues in the following ways:

  • Their technicians can provide you with the full licensed version of Bitdefender Total Security (this will solve almost half of your problem).
  • We can run troubleshooting of your system and diagnose it to check its compatibility.
  • Their technicians can also provide you with a  software version of the program which has more than one user.
  • We can even provide you with the insights that will help you in using the antivirus program at its best.