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Nvidia is a Computer Chip manufacturing company, specializing in the design of Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) for the gaming market. Although they have a good reputation for providing premium graphics cards, they are not bug-free. Sometimes the users may face some issues like Nvidia Error code 43. This error code means that your computer is unable to identify the required Hardware. Computer tries to access or synchronize with the graphics card device but fails to do that.

If you are facing any problem with this error code, then no need to panic. Moreover, this a very standard issue which most of the Nvidia Graphics device users’ face. 

Probable Reasons Behind Nvidia Error Code 43

There are some issues causing this problem this. Like:

  • If the Graphics Card is not inserted properly into the computer slot, this problem can occur.
  • After updating the Windows, it certainly happens that Lucid VIRTU MVP is not compatible with the Nvidia device. This can cause various graphics card’s issue.
  • Sometimes, an Old version of your Windows can cause Nvidia giving error messages.
  • Due to the presence of Faulty Graphics Drivers, you are receiving this error messages.
  • Sometimes Faulty or Outdated BIOS can be the reasons for any hardware issue of your Computer as well as graphics card problem.

Easy Way To Resolve Nvidia Error 43

As this is a hardware issue, troubleshooting this on your own would be pretty much challenging. Still, we can illustrate some steps which help you to fix the error. Like:

  • First of all, you need to insert the Graphics card adapter properly into the slot of the system.
  • While Lucid VIRTU MVP is creating an issue with your graphics card, then you need to uninstall it. You can go as follows to do it, Run dialog box>type appwiz.cpl> press Enter. There you will find Lucid Virtu Mvp option, right click on that and then click on Uninstall to resolve this problem.
  • You can also install a new Windows update to fix this problem.
  • Drivers are the main driving force for any hardware component of Computer. Hence, you need to uninstall the old version and install the Default Graphics Driver to resolve Nvidia Error Code 43 issue.
  • As updating BIOS settings can resolve many Computer Hardware issues, you can try this.

Hope these methods will help you to fix your problem. If these steps unable to resolve your issue, you can contact for better technical support.

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