Google Chrome issues And Solution

 People are browsing the Internet for so many reasons like students browse the Internet to get the right study material. To browse the internet first people look for the most compatible web browser for them. Nowadays you can find so many Web Browser for your computer or smartphone. Google Chrome is a standout amongst the most utilized Internet Browsers in today’s world. If you are facing any issues in your Google chrome. You can easily connect with Support for availing reliable for Google Chrome issues.


Google Chrome has so many amazing features that help its user to browse the Internet without any hassle. Google chrome is faster, better and less data using the Web browser.

After all the excellence about Google Chrome, there is a high chance that you will face some glitches while using it. But Don’t worry, their company is always ready to take care of your Google Chrome errors and willing to provide you the best technical support round the clock. their tech support has hired some of the world-class tech masters and created a high-quality tech support team to help their customer.

Now let’s look at a very common error and solution for Google Chrome Web Browser.

Flash player not working:

Nowadays flash player is very common on all websites. People use flash player on their website to run any .gif file or any video instructions. If the flash player stopped working in your chrome browser, then it could be because of the plugin broke down. Follow their solution to fix this issue.

their Solution: To fix this issue you need to perform few technical troubleshooting. First, you need to make sure that PPAPI is enabled. Follow the below steps to Enable PPAPI accessories:

Open your Google Chrome browser type the following ‘chrome: // plugins’ in the search bar and hit EnterNow click on “Details” and scroll down below and click on “Adobe Flash Player”Now type the following in the search bar “PPAPI” and click on Enable

After enabling the PPAPI, if you still facing the same issue, then you need to update the Chrome Web browser. If you know how to update chrome browser, then you can do it by yourself. In case if you don’t know how to update Google Chrome web browser, then follow the below steps. For Windows 8 and below windows operating system

Open google chrome In the top right click on three dots icon from the drop-down click on moreNow clicks on update

For Windows 10 Type settings in the search box on computer’s screen click on apps now right click on Google ChromeClick on the update

Google Chrome Common Problems:

Their Tech support team can help you with any Google Chrome related issues. Below we have listed some common errors of Google Chrome.

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  • Chrome crash
  • Frozen Tab
  • Web Security
  • Chrome extension not working
  • Help With Chrome Flag
  • Chrome is not downloading any file
  • Uninstalling Issue In Chrome
  • Chrome Web page is not responding