Have You Also Been Believing In These 8 Common Weight Loss Myths?

When it comes to our health and fitness we leave no stones unturned it is better that we are well advised and well equipped when we are going to start our health and diet regime. It is also important to be aware of all the consequences of exercises and diets that we have been doing or considering in order to lose some weight. But do you know that on the internet, there are a lot of things that have been circulated and considered to be true but are basically just some void myths?

In this post we will be discussing with you what are the main causes of you not being able to lose any weight or if you have been believing on certain myths that are circulated around, and what are the right things that you should do in order to achieve that weight loss goal that you are striving for.

1. Supplements are important for losing weight

Nope, that is not true. It is not at all important to take supplements in order to lose weight. All those shakes and tablets are there to make you fall for them. You succumb to the supplements and become conscious of what you eat. This sometimes leads to weight loss but it is certainly not a crucial way to do that. In fact, in most cases, supplements do not work at all.

2. More sweat means more fat is burning

The only that needs to be burnt in order to lose weight is burning calories. Your approach is to burn more calories than you intake. If you go buy this ratio you will definitely lose weight. If you sweat a lot in the gym and then you eat equal calories then no amount of sweat can help you losing weight.

3. Only cardio is the ultimate way to lose weight

Again, No! The cardio workout does help in burning fat but you need to pair it with other exercises also. Weight lifting is very helpful to burn fat when paired with cardio. Your body needs full movement, of all the muscles and not just Cardio.

4. Starving helps in losing weight

This time a big no! When you starve yourself your body metabolism go way low and it causes hindrance in burning fat or loses weight. In order to maintain a healthy metabolism, you need to eat small moderate meals throughout the day. Always remember, you should never overeat or undereat while you are on a diet. Your metabolism helps you the most in losing weight.

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5. Exclude dinner from diet to lose weight

This is not entirely true that emitting dinner form diet plan will be a good practice to lose weight. In fact, skipping any meal in a day is never a good option. However, it is advisable to eat your dinner 2 hours prior to bedtime so that your body digests the food before you go to sleep.

6. Carbs are bad and make you fat

Carbs that you need to cut from your diet are refined carbs, such as in the form of refined grain or sugar. In fact, whole food that may be high in carbs is very healthy for your diet. Low carbs diet helps in losing weight but it does not mean that all carbs cause weight gain.

7. All calories are the same

This is entirely incorrect that all calories have similar energy content. Different food has different energy content, such as protein calorie is different than fat calorie.

8. In taking of fat makes you fat

It is certainly not true. Fat alone is not responsible to make you obese. Fat har higher calories compared to carbs or protein. So if taken in moderation it is okay to intake some fat. However, if you intake high fat calories regular diet only, you will surely put on some extra pounds.

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