Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter “E” Feb, 2023

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Everyone wants their child’s name to be completely different. The practice of naming in Hinduism has been widespread from early times. A girl born into the Hindu religion is given such a name, which has some meaning. There is a process laid down in the Hindu religion for naming the girl. The name should always be catchy and have some meaning.

Baby Girl Names starting with letter E in Hindu

In Hinduism, it is believed that a girl’s name should be auspicious, beautiful, popular, and have meaning. By keeping a good name, the girl gets a lot of prestige in society, and people get attracted to her very quickly. In Hindu religion, it is believed that her name determines the nature of a girl. It can be derived from the first letter of the girl’s name, namely the E letter. Girl associated with the Hindu whose names start with the letter E are indisputably successful in life. Anyway, the name has a deep impact on life.

Latest Indian Hindu Baby Girl Names List with Meaning

Here is the list of latest trending names of Hindu Baby Girls in Hindi starting with the letter “E” along with the meanings. I hope this helps you in selecting a modern and unique for your baby girl name. Apart from these names, many other names have been given on this website, see them too-

NameMeaning of Name
EdhaStrength/ Sacred/ Wealth
EilaThe earth
EkaMatchless/ Alone
ElinaPure/ Intelligent (Greek)
ErinBeauty (Irish)
EvaSpeed/ Life
EdhithaAdvanced, enhanced
EelakiliParrot from eelam, beautiful
EelakumariA young man from elmi
EelampiraiYoung crescent
EenaInvincible, mirror
EershitaGoddess Saraswati
EeshaGoddess Parvati, Purity
EhimayaAn omnipresent intelligence
EiravatiElectricity, Ravi River
EkaMatchless, Alone, Unique, Lord Vishnu
EkaaGoddess Durga
EkabhaktiWorship of a deity
EkacandraThe only moon the best
EkadhanaShare of money
EkajaOnly child
EkajataWith a single twisted lock of hair
EkakiniThe loneliest
EkantaDevoted girl
EkantikaDedicated to a cause
EkantinDevoted to a thing
EkaparanaHimalaya’s wife
EkaparnikaGoddess Durga

Beautiful Baby Girl Names from E letter

EkavaliSingle string
EkaveeraA famous historical prince
EkishaA goddess
EkshithName of Goddess Lakshmi
EkshumatiThe name of a river
ElaEarth, cardamom tree
ElakshiSharp eyed woman
ElampiraiYoung crescent
ElavarasiYoung, Princess
ElinaPure, Wise
ElokshiWith thick hair like a cardamom vine
EnakshiAntelope One who has eyes Deer like
EniA deer
EnipadaWith feet like a deer
ErakaA tough grass
EshaGoddess Parvati, Purity, Desire, Bliss
EshanaWish, wish, seek
EshaniWish, wish, seek
EshanikaWish fulfillment
EshankaGoddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva
EshantikaLord Vishnu
EshitaOne who wants
EshitaOne who wants
EshmaHoney; Fortunate
EshvaryaSupreme Lord; Guru ji; Lord Shiva
EshwariName of Hindu Goddess, Goddess Parvati
EshwithaGoddess Parvati
EswariGood girl
Ethaha, EtashaShiny
EtishaBeginning after the end; assets
Eva Life
EvanaQueen, beautiful, peaceful

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