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We have compiled a list of Muslim baby boy names. The list also highlights the meaning of each name, which makes it easy to find names.

Latest Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Ahzan – احزن means: Sorrow
Aban – آبان means: Angle of Iron
Asnan – اثنان means: Second One
Aaez – عائز means: Humble
Aadil – عادل means: Upright
Aamir – عامر means: Civilized
Ajwad – اجود means: Better
Ammar – عمار means: Great builder
Almas – الماس means: Diamond
Akif – عاکف means: Reward
Popular Muslim Boy Names
Aqib – عاقب means: Follower
Aariz – عارض means: Respectable man
Aashir – عاشر means: Living
Aasim – عاصم means: Pious
Arzam – ارزم means: Battle
Aashif – عاشف means: Bold
Atazaz – اعتزاز means: Beloved
Aniq- انیق means: Neat, Elegant
Abdul Azeez – عبدالعزیز means: Servant of the most powerful
Aayan – آیان means: God’s gift
Azeem – عظیم means: Determined
Abdul Basir – عبدالبصیر means: Servant of all-seeing
Abdul Hannan – عبدالحنان means: Servant of Merciful
Abdul Hadi – عبدالحادی means: Servant of Guider
Abdul Munim – عبدالمنعم means: Slave of the Generous
Abdul Muqeet – عبدالمقیت means: Slave of the Sustainer
Abdul Nafi – عبدالنافع means: Slave of the Propitious
Abdul Rahman – عبدالرحمان means: Servant of the merciful one
Abdul Wadood – عبدالودود means: Servant of the Loving
Abyan – ابیان means: Elequent, Clear
Afaaq – آفاق means: The place where Earth & Sky meet
Ahsan – احسن means: The best of all
Abrar – ابرار means: Peity
Affan – افنان means: Forgiving person
Afraz – افراز means: Standing tall like a mountain
Ahmed – احمد means: Most highly adored
Ajmal – اجمل means: Beautiful
Amir – عامر means: Prosperous
Anees – انیس means: Intimate, friendly
Aqeel – عقیل means: Wise, Intelligent
Arbaaz – ارباز means: Eagle
Arsalan -ارسلان means: Lion
Ayaaz – ایاز means: Slave
Abdullah – عبداللہ means: Servant of God
Abu Bakar ابوبکر means: First Khaleefa of Islam

Unique Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Baber – بابر means: Courageous, Lion
Bakhtawar -بختاور means: Good luck
Basir – بصیر means: Bringer of glad tidings
Bakhtiyar – بختیار means: Good luck, Happy
Basharat – بشارت means: Good news
Basim – باصم means: Smiling, Happy
Bashir -بشير‎ means: one who brings good news
Bilal – بلال means: Name of the Prophet’s Muezzin
Bilawel – بلاول means: Name of great Suffi
Burhan – برھان means: Proof

Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with D

Danish – دانش means: Intelligent
Da’wud – داؤد means: A Prophet’s Name
Daniyal -دانیال means: Intelligent
Dameer – دمیر means: Heart, Conscience

Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with E

Ehsan – احسان means: Powerful
Eshan – عشان means: one who desires good
Elyas – الیاسؑ means: Name of prophet
El-Amin – الامین means: Trustworthy
Eisa – عیسٰیؑ means: Name of prophet
Emran – عمران means: Progress, Achievement
Ebrahim – ابراھیمؑ means: Name of prophet
Ejaz – اعجاز means: Miracle
Esmail – اسمعیلؑ means: Name of prophet
Ezan – اذعان means: obedient

Best Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with F

Fahim – فھیم means: Intelligent
Fahad – فھد means: Tiger
Faiq – فائق means: Excellent, leader
Faisal – فیصل means: Strong, handsome
Faiz – فائز means: Grace, favor
Faizan – فیضان means: Ruler
Faraz – فراز means: Ascent, height
Farhan – فرحان means: Glad, happy, joyful
Farooq – فاروق means: The Redeemer
Fakhir Aldin – فخر الدین means: Splendid Religion
Farman – فرمان means: Order
Faseeh – فصیح means: Eloquent, well spoken
Fawad – فوّاد means: Heart
Fayaaz – فیّاض means: Kind, Generous, Gracious
Fawwaz – فوّاز means: Successful

Top Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with G

Ghannam – غنّام means: Shepherd
Ghayoor – غیّور means: Self-respecting
Ghazalan – غزلان means: Spinner
Ghazanfar – غظنفر means: Lion
Ghazawan – غظوان means: Warrior
Ghufran – غفران means: Forgiving
Gulfam – گلفام means: Rose faced
Gulshan – گلشن means: A flower Garden
Gulzar – غلزار means: A Garden

New Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with H

Haaziq – حازق means: Intelligent, Skillfull
Haris – ھارث means: Friend
Haider – حیدر means: Lion
Hamdan – حمدان means: The one who lauds
Hamid – حامد means: Praising, Allah
Hammad – حمّاد means: Praising
Hamood – حمود means: One who praises Allah
Hamza – حمزہ means: Lion
Haneef – حنیف means: Upright, true
Haroon – ھارون means: A Prophet’s name
Hasan – حسن means: Handsome, good
Haseeb – حسیب means: Respected, esteemed
Hashim – ھاشم means: Generous
Hashir – حاشر means: One who assembles
Hasnain – حسنین means: Combination of Hassan and Hussain
Hisham – ھیشام means: Generosity
Huzaifah – حزیفہ means: Curtailed, shortened

Arabic Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with I

Ibrahim – ابراھیمؑ means: A Prophet’s name
Iftikhar – افتخار means: Proud
Ihsan – احسان means: Beneficence
Ihtsham – احتشام means: Respectable, honourable
Ijaz – اعجاز means: Miracle
Imaan – امان means: Faith
Imad – عماد means: Pillar of strength, confident
Imran – عمران means: A Prophet’s name
Imtiaz – امتیاز means: Different, antique, Distinct
Iqbal – اقبال means: Responsiveness
Iqraam – اکرام means: To be of assistance, respect
Irfan – عرفان means: Gratefulness
Israr – اسرار means: Insist, never gives up
Isaam – عصام means: self-made success
Ishtiyaq – اشتیاق means: Longing, craving
Izaan – اذان means: Obedience

Urdu Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with J

Jabir – جابر means: Comforter, restorer
Jafar – جعفر means: Rivulet, stream
Jahanzeb – جہانزیب means: Beautiful
Jamal – جمال means: Beauty
Jamil – جمیل means: Beautiful, lovely
Jasim – جاسم means: Powerful, strong
Jawad – جواد means: Liberal, generous
Javed – جاوید means: Bright
Jibran – جبران means: Reward
Junaid – جنید means: Fighter, worrier

Pakistani Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Modern Islamic boys names starting from K Alphabet, Get your most famous Arabic Islamic baby boy names in Urdu.

Kabeer – کبیر means: Great
Kafeel – کفیل means: Responsible, Surety
Kaiser – قیصر means: Emperor, King
Kaleem – کلیم means: Speaker, talker
Karim – کریم means: Giver
Kamran – کامران means: Safety and helpful
Kashif – کاشف means: Uncoverer
Kazim – کاظم means: Restrainer of anger
Khaleel – خلیل means: Goo Friend
Khalid – خالد means: Eternal, glorious
Khubaib – خیبیب means: Shinning
Khuram – خرم means: Tiger
Khursheed – خورشید means: The sun

Muslim New Born Baby Boy Names Starting with L

Labeeb – لبیب means: Intelligent
Laiq – لائق means: Deserving
Latif – لطیف means: Fine, gentle
Liyaqat – لیاقت means: Worth, deserving
Luqman – لقمان means: A Prophet’s name
Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with M

Latest Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with M in Urdu

Mahad – محد means: Great, nice
Majid – ماجد means: Glorious, praiseworthy
Makhdoom – مخدوم means: One who is server
Mansoor – منصور means: victorious
Manzoor – منظور means: Approved, Accepted
Maqbool – مقبول means: Popular
Masarrat -مسرّت means: Happiness, delight
Masoud – مسعود means: Lucky
Mateen – متین means: Solid, constant, tough
Misbah – مصباح means: Light, lamp
Mohid – موحد means: One who believes in Allah
Mohsin – محسن means: Helper, attractive
Mounir – منیر means: Light, sunlight
Mubashir – مبشّر means: Spreader of good news
Mubeen – مبین means: Clear
Mudasir – مدثّر means: Handsome
Mueen – معین means: One who helps
Muaz – معاذ means: protected
Mustansar – مستنصر means: who has been asked for help
Murad – مراد means: Aim
Mueez – معیز means: One who gives protection
Muhammad – محمّد means: Praiseworthy
Mujeeb – مجیب means: Responder
Muiz – معیز means: One who gives protection
Mukarram – مکرّم means: Respected
Mukhtar – مختار means: Selected
Mumtaz – ممتاز means: One who is distinguished
Muneeb – منیب means: One who turns in repentance
Munis – مونس means: Companion, Consoler
Murtaza – مرتضیٰ means: The generous
Mushtaq – مشتاق means: Ardent, Longing
Muzammil – مزّمل means: The wrapped one

Modern New Born Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Nadir – نادر means: Dear, Rare, Precious
Nabeel – نبیل means: Noble Man
Nadeem – ندیم means: Companion, Friend
Naeem – نعیم means: Blessing, Ease
Nafees – نفیس means: Pureness, Pure
Najam – نجم means: Star
Najeeb – نجیب means: Of noble birth
Najih – ناجح means: Successful
Nameer – نمیر means: Pure
Naqeeb – نقیب means: Leader
Naseem – نسیم means: Breeze
Naseer – نصیر means: One who helps
Nasif – ناصف means: Most just, equitable
Nasih – ناصح means: Advisor, well-wisher
Nasir – ناصر means: Protector, supporter
Naushad – نوشاد means: Happy
Naveed – نوید means: Glad tidings
Nawaz – نواز means: Prince, kind, loving and generous
Nazakat – نزاکت means: Delicacy
Nazeef – نظیف means: Clean, neat
Nazeer – نزیر means: One who warns
Nazim – ناظم means: Intelligence , Power
Nihal – نہال meas: Happy, Prosperous
Noman – نعمان means: Men with all blessings of Allah
Noorali – نورعلی means: Light of Ali
Nu’man – نعمان means: Men with all blessings of Allah
Numair – نعمیر means: Baby Tiger

Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Obaid – عبید means: Small Slave
Omair – عمیر means: Intelligent
Omar – عمر means: Long-Lived
Osama – اسامہ means: Lion

Best Baby Boy Names Starting with Q

Qadeer – قدیر means: Powerful
Qadir – قادر means: Strong
Qamar – قمر means: Moon
Qasim – قاسم means: Divider, distributor
Qatadah – قتادہ means: A hardwood tree
Qawee – قوی means: Strong, powerful
Qays – قیس means: Firm
Qudamah – قذیمہ means: Companion of Prophet (S.A.W)
Qudoos – قدوس means: Most holy
Qutaybah – قتیبہ means: A narrator of hadith

Baby Boy Names Starting with R

Rahil – راحیل means: Path guider
Ramis – رامیس means: The good looking one
Ramiz – رامیض means: Symbol
Rashid – راشد mean: Major, Guided, Intelligent
Rafan – رفان means: Beautiful, graceful
Rafay – رافع means: To Elevate Rank
Rafiq – رفیق means: Kind, friend
Rahat – راحت means: Rest, Response
Raheel – راحیل means: One who shows the way, Fearless
Rahim – رحیم means: Merciful
Rahmat – رحمت means: Mercy
Rajab – رجب means: seventh Month of the Islamic Calendar
Rakeem – رقیم means: Writer
Ramiz – رمیض means: Symbol
Rasheed – رشید means: Rationale, Intelligent, Rightly-guided
Rashid – راشد means: Righteous, mature
Rauf – راؤف means: Merciful, kind

Modern Islamic boys names starting from S Alphabet

Saabir – سابیر means: Patient; Tolerant
Saad – سعد means: Good luck; Happy
Saadah – ساداہ means: Happiness
Saadi – ساعدی means: Marriage
Saafi – صافي means: Pure; Clear; Crystal
Saafir – سافیر means: Ambassador; Handsome; Emissary; Mediator
Saahir – ساہیر means: Wakeful; Magician; Alert; Nocturnal
Saaiq – ساایق means: He who drives on the right path
Saajid – ساجید means: Protractor; One who worships God
Saal – سال means: The year consisting of twelve months
Saalih – صالیح means: Good; Righteous; Safe; Whole; Flawless
Saami – سامی means: Eminent; Exalted; High; Sublime; Similar
Saamir – سامیر means: Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind
Saaqib – ساقیب means: Shining star
Saayed – means: Leader; Lord; Master
Sab – سب means: Lion
Sabbagh – means: Dyer
Sabbar – means: Extremely patient
Sabbir – سببیر means: Pious; Beautiful; Patient
Sabeeh – سابیہ means: Beautiful; A narrator of Hadith; Pleasant; Fond
Sabeer – سابیر means: Patient; Tolerant
Sabhaa – means: Pretty; Beautiful; Graceful; Bright like morning
Sabibah – means: Water that is poured
Sabil – سابیل means: Path; Way
Sabiq – سابیق means: Another name of God; Primary; First
Sabir – صبیر means: Patient; Tolerant
Sabit – سابیط means: Strong; Well-established
Saboor – صبور means: Patient; Tolerant; Forbearing; Preserving
Sabour – سبوور means: Patient
Sabr – means: Patience
Sabur – سابور means: Patient; Tolerant; Forbearing; Preserving
Sad – صد means: Good luck
Sadaat – سادات means: Blessing; Honor; Happiness; Bliss; Felicity
Sadad – ساداد means: The right thing to do; Lucky hand
Saddam – صدام means: One who confronts; Powerful ruler
Sadeed – سادید means: Relevant; Pertinent; Correct; Right
Sadeem – سادیم means: Haze; Mist

Latest Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with T in Urdu

Taahid – ٹاہید means: To console; To guard
Taahir – طاہیر means: Pure; Chaste; Clean; Modest; Holy
Taai – ٹاای means: Obedient; Willing
Taalim – تالیم means: Sky; Education; Instruction
Taamir – تامیر means: Fruitful; Productive
Taaraz – ٹاراز means: Sturdy; Strong; Ornamentation; Decoration
Tabbah – تبباہ means: Another name of Madina city
Tabbar – تببار means: Family; Caste; Race
Tabeed – ٹابید means: Glitter; Curve; Shine
Tabnak – تبناک means: Hot; Bright
Tabrez – تبریز means: Challenging; Showing openly
Tabrid – تبریڈ means: To cool
Taha – means: Pure
Taheem – ٹاہیم means: Pure
Taheer – ٹاہیر means: Pure; Chaste; Clean; Modest; Holy
Taher – طاہعر means: Pure; Chaste; Clean; Modest; Holy
Tahib – ٹاہیب means: Watchful
Tahir – طاہیر means: Pure; Chaste; Clean; Modest; Holy
Tahmid – ٹاہمید means: Praise of Almighty Allah; Thanks to the graceful and merciful Allah
Tahoor – ٹاہور means: Purity
Tahsin – تحسین means: Acclaim; Appreciation; Beautification
Taib – تیب means: Repentant; Penitent
Taimur – تیمور means: Brave strong; A famous king; Iron
Taizeen – تیزین means: Encouragement
Taj – تاج means: Crown; The Taj Mahal
Tajdar – تاجدار means: Splendour; Crowned; Ruler; King
Tajim – ٹاجیم means: Honor; Respect
Tajwar – ٹاجور means: King; Ruler; Emperor; Royal
Talaab – means: Demand; Sought after
Talaah – means: Young palm tree; Face
Talaat – means: Appearance; Face; Countenance; Vision
Talab – تالاب means: Demand
Talal – طلال means: Nice; Admirable
Talat – طلعت means: Appearance; Face; Countenance; Vision
Talha – طلحا means: Kind of tree
Talib – طالیب means: The sender of truth; Student
Talim – ٹالیم means: Sky; Education; Instruction
Talish – طالیش means: Lord of the Earth; Mountain; Glittering; Bright
Talleen – تللین means: Absorbed
Taloob – ٹالوب means: Desirous
Taloot – ٹالوٹ means: Commander of Banu Israil
Talum – ٹالوم means: Be sympathetic
Tamal – تامل means: A tree with very dark bark
Tamam – تمام means: Generous
Tameem – تمیم means: Perfect; Complete; Generalization
Tamim – تمیم means: Perfect; Complete; Generalization
Tamir – تعمیر means: One who knows dates; Tall
Tamiz – ٹامیز means: Discretion; Sense; Manners; Distinction; Distinguishing
Tamjid – تمجید means: Praise; Glorification
Tammam – تممام means: Generous
Tani – تنی means: Born on Monday
Tanim – ٹانیم means: Wave of sea
Tanny – تننی means: Leather Worker; Tanner
Tanvir – تنویر means: Enlightened; Rays of light
Tanwir – تنویر means: Radiant; Illuminating; Enlightening
Taqi – تقی means: God fearing; Devout; Pious
Taqiy – تقیی means: Devout; God fearing
Taqiyy – تقییی means: Pious; Righteous
Taraz – تاراز means: Powerful; Strong; Ornamentation; Decoration
Tareef – تاریف means: Rare; Uncommon
Tareeq – تریق means: Method; Way; Mode; Manner; One who crosses the river of life; Morning star
Tareesh – means: God of the stars – moon means:
Tareq – تاریق means: Star; Pupil of an eye; Protector
Tarfah – ترفاہ means: Kind of tree
Tariq – طاریق means: Method; Way; Mode; Manner; One who crosses the river of life; Morningstar
Taroon – تارون means: Connection; Young; Youth; Ageless; Gentle
Tarooq – means: Star
Taseel – تسیل means: Strong; Power
Taseen – تسین means: A name of the prophet – Pbuh means:; Ever ambitious
Taseer – تاثیر means: An effect; Impression
Tasif – تاسیف means: who is intelligent.
Taskin – تسکین means: Peace
Taslim – تسلیم means: Greeting; Salutation; Little star
Tasnin – تسنین means: A heavenly fountain; An even fountain
Taufiq – توفیق means: Instruction; Courage; Daring; Guidance
Tausiq – توثیق means: Reinforcement
Tawas – ٹواس means: Name of a bird
Tawfiq – توفیق means: Success; Reconciliation; Divine help
Tawhid – توحید means: Belief in the unity of Allah
Tawqir – تاوقیر means: Honor; Respect
Tawwab – تووعب means: Acceptor of repentance
Tayilah – means: Power

Latest Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with U in Urdu

Ubadah – عوبداہ means: Old Arabic name; Worship
Ubaid – عوبید means: Worshipper; Faithful
Ubay – اُبی means: Old Arabic name
Ubayd – عوبید means: Worshipper; Faithful
Ubayy – اوبی means: One with high self esteem
Uftam – means: Best; Most eminent
Uhaidah – means: Promise
Ujab – means: Wonder
Ujala – means: One who radiates the light; Bright
Umair – عومیر means: Second Khalifah; Intelligent
Umar – عومر means: Second Khalifah; Intelligent
Umayr – عومایر means: Second Khalifah; Intelligent
Umdah – عیمداۃ means: Support
Umer – عومر means: Life name of the second caliph
Umran – عومران means: Prosperity
Unais – اونایس means: Love; Affection
Unal – اونل means: Fighter; Strong spirit
Unays – اونایس means: Love; Affection
Unsar – عونصار means: Root; Element; Resolution
Uqaab – عوقاب means: Eagle
Uqba – عوقبا means: Companion of the prophet Muhammad
Uqbah – عوقباہ means: The end of everything
Uraif – means: Good scent
Urfee – اورفی means: Name of a popular poet
Urmia – اورمیہ means: A biblical prophet
Urwah – اورواہ means: Hand held; Support
Usaim – عوسائم means: Lion cub
Usama – عوساماہ means: Lion
Usamah – اوساماہ means: Lion
Usayd – اوسايد means: Little lion
Usman – عوثمان means: Trustworthy friend
Usmanah – means: Baby snake
Usraat – means: Refuge
Uswah – اوسواہ means: Sample; Specimen
Utaib – means: Gentleness
Utaif – means: Compassionate
Utaiq – means: Goodness
Utairah – means: Fragrant
Utbah – عوتباہ means: Threshold
Uthal – عوتہال means: Name of a mountain
Uthman – عوتحمان means: Name of the third Khalifah
Uwaim – اوویم means: Name of a Sahabi who took part in the Battle of Badr
Uwais – اوویس means: A companion of the prophet
Uwayam – اووایام means: Afloat; Buoyant
Uzaib – means: Fresh
Uzair – عوزیر means: Precious; Name of a prophet
Uzayr – عوزایر means: Precious; Name of a prophet

Latest Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with W in Urdu

Waahid – واہید means: Single; Exclusively; Unequalled; Unique; One of its kind; Peerless
Waali – والی means: Governor; Protector
Waasey – وااسیی means: Capacious; Wide; Ample; One; Broad-minded; Liberal; Learn; All embracing
Wadaan – وادان means: Prosperous
Waddah – وادداہ means: Bright; Brilliant
Wadee – وادی means: Calm; Peaceful
Wadid – وادید means: Favorable; Devoted; Fond
Wadiyah – means: Valley
Wadood – وادود means: Friend; Companion; Beloved; Loving
Waelah – means: Clan
Waf – means: Faithful
Wafai – وافای means: Faithful; Loyal
Wafeeq – وافیق means: Successful
Wafi – وافی means: Faithful; Loyal
Wafiq – وافیق means: Successful
Wahab – وہاب means: Kind hearted
Wahaj – وہاج means: Very sparkling; Very bright
Wahb – وہب means: To give; To donate; Giving
Wahban – وہبان means: Giving
Wahdan – means: Unique
Wahdat – وحدت means: Unity; Oneness
Waheed – واحید means: Single; Exclusively; Unequalled; Unique; One of its kind; Peerless
Wahhab – وہہاب means: To give; To donate; Giving
Wahhaj – وہہاج means: Glowing; Incandescent
Wahib – واہیب means: Liberal donor
Wahid – واجید means: Single; Exclusively; Unequalled; Unique; One of its kind; Peerless
Wail – وائل means: Returnee
Wais – وایس means: King
Waiz – وائز means: Admonisher; Preacher
Wajahah – means: Glory
Wajdan – واجدان means: Thought; Imagination; Ecstasy; Mirth; Devotion
Wajdi – واجدي means: Passion
Wajeed – means: Finder; Lover; Loving
Wajeeh – واجیہ means: Noble; Honored; Well-esteem
Wajeezah – means: One who speaks briefly but eloquently
Wajid – واجید means: Finder; Lover; Loving
Wajih – واجیہ means: Noble; Honored; Well-esteem
Wakdar – واکدر means: Man of authority
Wakee – واکی means: Agent; Representative
Wakeel – وکیل means: Agent; Representative; Lawyer
Wakil – وکیل means: Agent; Representative; Lawyer
Waleed – والید means: New-born child
Wali – means: Governor; Protector
Walid – والید means: New-born child
Walif – والیف means: Befriending
Wallad – واللاد means: Abu al-Abbas al-Tamimi had this name, A grammarian of Basrah and Egypt
Wamaq – واماق means: Lover; Paramour
Waqaar – واقار means: Self-respect; Majesty; Veneration
Waqas – وقاص means: Warrior
Waqf – وقف means: Given in a trust
Waqid – واقید means: Companion of the prophet – Pbuh means:
Waqif – واقیف means: Acquainted; Aware
Waqqad – وققاڈ means: Sharp-minded; Wise
Waqqas – وقاص means: Old Arabic name
Ward – وارڈ means: Blossoms; Flowers

Latest Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with Y in Urdu

Yafi – یافی means: A narrator of Hadith
Yafir – یافیر means: To Image
Yagana – یاگانا means: Unique; Unprecedented
Yahya – یاحیا means: A prophet’s name;
Yahyaa – یاحیا means: A prophet’s name;
Yala – یالا means: Height
Yalmaz – یالماز means: Sahabi name
Yama – یاما means: Stream; Motion; Night; God of death; River
Yamaan – means: Blessed
Yamak – یاماک means: A king
Yamam – means: Ringneck dove
Yaman – یمن means: Blessed
Yameen – یامین means: Blessed; Auspicious; Oath; Right hand; Right wing; Right side; Restrained
Yamin – یامین means: Blessed; Auspicious; Oath; Right hand; Right wing; Right side; Restrained
Yaqeen – یقین means: Trust; Belief
Yaqoob – یعقوب means: Ruby; Precious stone; A prophet’s name
Yaqub – یعقوب means: Ruby; Precious stone; A prophet’s name
Yaquta – means: Ruby stone
Yaqzan – یقزان means: Vigilant; Awake; On the alert
Yar – یار means: Friend
Yaroq – means: Friend
Yas – means: Jasmine
Yasaar – يسار means: Ease; Wealth; Lives forever
Yasar – یاسر means: Ease; Wealth; Lives forever
Yaseen – یاسین means: One of the prophet Muhammad’s names; Sura in the Quran
Yaseer – means: Wealthy; Lives forever
Yaser – یاسعر means: Wealthy; Lives forever
Yashar – یاشر means: Ease; Wealth; Lives forever
Yasir – یاسیر means: Wealthy; Lives forever
Yasoob – یاسوب means: Title of Ali
Yasra – یاسرا means: Affluent; Rich; Prosperous
Yasrib – یسریب means: Former name of the city of Madinah
Yawar – یاوار means: Helping
Yawer – یاوعر means: Helper
Yazan – یازان means: Determined; Resolved
Yazeed – یزید means: To increase; Enhance; Grow
Yazeedah – means: Increase
Yesh – means: Glory; Intelligence

Latest Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with Z in Urdu

Zaafir – زافیر means: Victorious; Of firm and resolute intention
Zaahid – زاہید means: Abstemious; Ascetic; Saintly; Diligent; Hardworking
Zaahir – زاہیر means: Bright; Shining; Sparkling; Luminous; Visible; Distinct
Zaakir – زاکیر means: Rememberer of Allah; Intelligent
Zaarib – زاریب means: One who beats; Sticker
Zabba – زاببا means: Latch; Door lock
Zabi – means: Gazelle
Zabir – زابیر means: Consoler; Comforter; The person who have religious
Zabrij – زابریج means: Beauty; Decoration
Zaeem – زاعیم means: Leader; Chief
Zafar – ظفر means: Rivulet; River; Stream; Little creek; Victorious
Zafeer – ظفیر means: Victorious; Of firm and resolute intention
Zafir – زافیر means: Victorious; Of firm and resolute intention
Zafof – زافوف means: Cool Person
Zafran – زافران means: Gold stigma of a flower; Derived from Zarparan
Zafrul – زافرول means: Honest; Reliable and very ambitious
Zaheer – ظہیر means: Bright; Shining; Sparkling; Luminous; Visible; Distinct
Zahi – زاہی means: Bright; Shining; Dignified
Zahid – زاہید means: Abstemious; Ascetic; Saintly
Zahil – زاہیل means: Calm
Zahin – زہین means: Sagacious; Intelligent; Ingenious; Good pedigree
Zahir – ظاہیر means: Bright; Shining; Sparkling; Luminous; Visible; Distinct
Zahoor – ظہور means: Expression
Zahuk – means: Happy
Zahyan – means: Brilliant
Zaid – زید means: Growth; Super abundance
Zaidan – زایدان means: Growth and increase
Zaiden – زایدین means: Fiery; Sower of seeds
Zaifullah – means: God’s guest
Zaim – زایم means: Leader; Chief
Zair – زیر means: Pilgrim
Zajil – زاجیل means: Loud
Zaka – زاکا means: Intelligent
Zakar – زاکر means: Handsome; Kind hearted
Zakhif – زاکہیف means: Proud
Zakhir – زاکہیر means: Be mine
Zaki – ذاکی means: Intelligent
Zakir – ذاکیر means: Rememberer of Allah; Intelligent
Zakiy – زاکیی means: Pure
Zakoor – زکور means: Narrator; Speaker
Zaland – زالانڈ means: Bright; Feminine Zalanda
Zalman – زالمان means: Safe
Zalmay – زالمے means: Young
Zalool – زالول means: Obedient; Submissive
Zamaam – زمام means: Honor; Right; Share; Place
Zamaar – زمار means: Bravery; Valor
Zaman – زمان means: Time; Destiny
Zameer – ضمیر means: The character of a person; Heart; Mind; Conscience
Zamil – زامیل means: Beautiful; Friend; Colleague
Zamin – زامین means: Another name for God; Biased; Security
Zaminah – means: Surety
Zamir – ضامیر means: A character of a person; Heart; Mind; Conscience
Zamr – means: Lions roar
Zaraan – زاران means: Flow of river
Zarak – زآراک means: Gold
Zaram – زآرام means: One in thousand
Zarang – زآرانگ means: Clever
Zarar – زرار means: Fast
Zarbat – زآربت means: Gold lamp
Zardab – زارداب means: Gold water
Zarf – زآرف means: Pot; Caliber; Wisdom; Rank
Zarfaat – means: Refined
Zargar – زارگر means: Goldsmith
Zarif – زآریف means: Elegant; Witty; Graceful
Zariyan – means: Dispersed in the air
Zaroon – زارون means: Visitor
Zarrar – زاررار means: A great muslim warrior; Attractive; Huge; Tremendous army
Zaryab – زآریعب means: Rich; Wealthy
Zashil – زاشیل means: Enthusiastic
Zawaad – زاواد means: Man of self-respect; Noble
Zawar – زاوار means: Pilgrim; Visitor of a shrine
Zayaam – زایام means: Honor; Right; Share; Place
Zayaan – زایان means: Bright and graceful; Wild Jasmine; Honey
Zayan – زایان means: Bright and graceful; Wild Jasmine; Honey
Zayd – زاید means: Growth; Super abundance
Zaydan – زایدان means: Growth and increase
Zayer – زاییر means: Tourist; Who visits holy places
Zayyan – زییان means: Bright and graceful; Wild Jasmine; Honey
Zeb – زیب means: Beauty; Decoration; Decorum

Zeebaq – زیباق means: Mercury; Silver
Zeehan – means: Brightness; Whiteness; Drought
Zeeya – زییا means: Splendor or light or glow
Zehaan – زیہآن means: Brightness; Whiteness; Drought
Zehan – زیحان means: Brightness; Whiteness; Drought
Zeyad – زعیاد means: Prince; The honest and kind; Peace and truth
Zgard – زگآرد means: Without fear
Zhobin – زہوبین means: Kind of spear
Zhubin – زہوبین means: Spear
Ziad – زیاد means: Protector of light
Ziahan – زییاحن means: Possessor of Splendour
Ziar – زیار means: Laborious
Ziare – زیاری means: Handsome
Ziaud – زیاؤد means: Splendor; Light