How to Play Youtube On TV

Play Youtube on TV

I know that many of you must be thinking that how to play YouTube on TV, but now stop thinking because in today’s article you are going to learn how to play YouTube on TV, then you too can easily play YouTube videos on your TV. can enjoy watching

Internet is needed for YouTube in your TV. In today’s time, the trend of watching YouTube videos in TV has increased a lot, everyone wants to run YouTube on their LED TV because watching YouTube on TV is very amazing and we Accordingly, you can watch the video you want and the fun of watching your video on TV by teaming your video on YouTube is different.

For this, tell all of you that it is not necessary to have a smart TV, we can run YouTube on LED and TV too, but everyone’s way is different, just you should have internet, the fun of watching YouTube on TV is different because more and more Time we watch youtube on mobile only, in today’s time new things are coming out of which there are TVs too, nowadays companies are paying more attention to the size of the TV and modifying the TV, even YouTube itself on the TV. Put it and today the trend of such TV is going on, so let us now learn to run YouTube on TV.

Play Youtube on TV Like This

First of all, we learn to run YouTube on Smart TV, tell you that Smart TV gives you almost all the features of a phone at the present time, just there are some limits in it, rest you can watch YouTube and use Internet YouTube on Smart TV There are two different ways to play, so first we learn to play YouTube on TV with the help of our first method, then with the help of second method we will learn to play YouTube on TV, follow these steps to play YouTube on your TV carefully

1. First Method

First of all, turn on your TV, after turning on the TV, you will see different options on your TV, out of which you will see the arrow mark in the left side, click on it, with the help of remote, you will see some new things on your TV. The options will open, out of which you have to first click on the network option and then go to your phone’s setting and go to the mobile network setting, then you have to go to the hotspot setting and turn on the phone’s hotspot and turn on the mobile data, after that there are three options in the TV. would be seen

  • Net Mode
  • Wireless
  • Vlan Hotspots

Click on the wireless option and you will see the hotspot of your phone, by clicking on it, connect the internet of the phone to the TV, then you have to back it up, then you click on YouTube, your YouTube will start playing, with the help of remote you will start playing videos. can also search

2. Another Way

Now we have to run YouTube on TV with the help of a smartphone, for this you have told all the people that an app is going to be needed, which you can also download from Google Play Store, whose name is Google Home. You will be able to play YouTube on your phone and with the help of screen mirroring, you will be able to enjoy YouTube running on your TV on TV, for this first turn on the internet and hotspot of your phone, then we will see the network of TV with the help of remote on your TV. You have to go to the option, then you have to go to Wireless, there you have to click on the WiFi name of your phone, if you have set a password on your phone’s hotspot, then you enter it and then OK

If the password is not set, then the hotspot of your phone will be connected immediately, now open the app that you had installed.

Then below, the option of Get Started will be coming on your phone, click on it, then select any gmail id and do OK, if your TV will be properly connected to your phone hotspot, then click on the three dots appearing then there your TV If it is not visible, then connect properly then you will get the option of CAST MY SCREEN below, click on it then click on CASTE NOW, now your phone screen will be visible on the TV, now you go to YouTube of your mobile Play a video and it will appear on your TV.

YouTube Service Options

In addition to the standard free version of YouTube, which contains ads on selected content, you’ll find these variations:

  • YouTube Premium: The ad-free version of YouTube (requires a paid subscription).
  • YouTube Online Movie Rental Service: Pay-per-view movie viewing from YouTube.
  • YouTube for Kids: A variation of YouTube featuring entertainment and educational content for children. The YouTube for Kids app is available on LG, Samsung, Sony, and Android smart TVs. The app supports the free and premium (ad-free) versions.
  • YouTube TV: This service provides online access to more than 40 broadcast, cable, and satellite channels that include a mixture of live and premium channels for a flat monthly fee.

Final Word

Now you must have learned to run YouTube on your TV, if we see it, it was not so difficult, we can play YouTube on TV with increased ease in 3 to 4 minutes without any problem if any of your friends or family members If it does not come, then definitely share this article with them so that they can also learn.