How To Solve Dell Laptop Speakers Not Working Issue? Now Get The Easiest Solution

Dell laptops are highly regarded by users from every corner of the planet. Top notch features and long-lasting battery with bonus options to optimize your work, Dell controls a considerable portion of the market. But technical issues with Dell laptops are also pretty much common just like its competitors; audio related problems being a pretty prevalent problem. If you are facing a problem like Dell laptop speakers not working, no reason to feel too frustrated.

Here in this article, you can find almost every relevant information about Dell laptop sound not working issues. Go through different methods of resolving the problem and see if you can solve them yourself. From Dell laptop speaker not working on Windows 10 to simply Dell laptop internal speakers not working, this article can help in fixing each issue.

How to Resolve Dell laptop speakers are not working error?

Now let’s move ahead and check out how to fix audio services related errors on Dell laptops. There are different ways you can go about this process. So go through the list and select the solution that seems most comfortable to you.

  • Audio settings and default playback device

Make sure that your audio services are correctly configured. After connecting your audio device, make sure to select a default service to avoid problems. You can always access the sound settings from the system tray on the taskbar; right-click on the volume option and select volume options to resolve the Dell laptop internal speakers not working error.

  • BIOS and Audio Driver

If you were not able to resolve the speakers not working dell laptop error by working with the sound settings you can try out a different method using the BIOS. Restart your PC and access the Boot menu or BIOS to do and take a look at the audio driver. Make sure you have a working driver installed.

An outdated or corrupt audio driver is bound to create issues like Dell laptop speakers not working. Update the audio driver to make to be surer and avoid any future problems. This should fix Dell laptop sound not working errors and let you use your PC without any further issues.

  • Perform a Hardware diagnostic test

Running a hardware diagnostic state can help you fast forward fixing the Dell laptop speakers not working error. It does not only help to assist in resolving the issue but also helps in identifying the malfunctioning component making the solution even more easier. To perform a Hardware diagnostic, you also need to access the BIOS.

Following these steps should resolve Dell Laptop speakers not working problem. Also, it’s always better to run a hardware diagnostic test to identify the exact bug. Both hardware and software glitches can trigger such issues and having the proper information always helps in making the solution easier.

If you are facing any difficulty in solving the issues, then get in touch with the experts. The Support executives are available with the relevant fixes to help you out. They will let you know about the causes and also quick solutions.