6 Shocking Symptoms You will Notice in Your Body When You Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

Most of you might be knowing well about birth control things. So, it’s pretty clear that when you start using them you notice symptoms like nausea or tender breasts and also your body changes when you stop taking them suddenly. If you have taken any kind of hormonal-based birth control could change how you feel whether it’s birth control pills, hormonal IUDs, injections, a vaginal ring or an implanted rod. Everyone is different and the effects of these pills are also different but there are a few symptoms which are common in everyone.

So, if you were on birth control pills and now you are planning to take a break from them to get ready to experience some of the symptoms mentioned below about which you should be aware of like change in your dates, heavy flow and cramps and many more things.

Have a look at all of them

1. You could get pregnant quickly

It’s not like that when you go off pills, you can’t be pregnant again. You can even it might happen sooner than you think. Most of the women think that it really takes a very long time to conceive if they stop using the pills. As per the research finding, pregnancy rates are the same for those who have used condoms and up to 96% of the women who use pills got pregnant within a year. Well, it might take some time even more than a year after you stop using injections like Depo-Provera.

2. You will notice a change in your period

If your periods were regular before you have started using birth control pills. It might take a few months to straighten up or to be on time after you stop taking birth control pills. And if you had irregular periods, you will notice an off-kilter again after some time.

3. Your periods could be heavy and wacky

If you have experienced lots of bleeding and pain when you got your periods for the very first time. Get ready to get that feeling again. But if you started as a teenager and now you are in your late 30s or 40s, don’t worry you will not get that kind of heavy flow and kind of pain you had.

4. Get ready for PMS too

If you have stopped taking birth control pills, get ready to feel moody again. Because the pills that you were taking helps to balance out your hormonal chaos in your body that causes depression, anxiousness, and irritation.

5. Improves your sex drive

Most of the women have lost of complaints that taking pills kills their sex drive. Well, it doesn’t affect everyone as some women have higher libido with birth control. And the women who have lower testosterone levels may see some effect on their sex drive because they don’t ovulate. Even you can experience some sort of dryness on your vagina when you stop taking birth control pills. If these kinds of things you are facing get ready to experience higher libido in the future.

6. You will have more discharge

Do you know the pills that you take suppresses your body’s ability to ovulate properly, in that case, you will produce less vaginal secretion or discharge? But if you have stopped using birth pills, you will notice more moisture, especially around ovulation.