9 Of The Super Cool Offices in India You Wish You Worked At

Well, the office is just like our second home where we spend most of our time working all-day long. You often become bored of just working, working and working at the end of the day but you are helpless, you can’t do anything because you don’t have access to that kind of environment where you can chill and relax for a while taking a break from your monotonous work.

But I have created a list of some of the really coolest workplaces in India which provide lots of facilities in their company to cheer up their employees when they get bored.

They have such an awesome interior design that will compel you to leave your current job. Have a look at some of the offices who know well how important employees are for them.

Read on to find more.

1. Google India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

Google India Private Limited is the best-known offices to work for. It is situated in Hyderabad. It is a place where employees can have fun apart from doing their regular work and relax during office hours.

2. Freshdesk, Chennai

If you like starting your day with a feel-good message every day, then this is the perfect place for you to work. They have added some cool artwork at its workspace that employees will feel good and fresh every day after visiting the office.

3. Myntra, Bangalore

Myntra is known for its style. Its office is more than stylish and may be beyond your imagination. Their office looks like a stylish high-end retail store where you may get confused that whether its an office or some nicely designed branded retail shop inside a mall.

4. Thought Works, Chennai

The office space just resembles its name. They have designed their office in such a colourful way which is perfect for generating new ideas you are more productive when you feel comfortable when you have such a wonderful and colourful ambience around.

Apart from this, they also have a dedicated game zone where employees can think of new ideas while playing out with their stress in free time.

5. Infosys, Mysore

This is what we call office is! Infosys campus is located in Mysore. The office has a theatre, accommodation rooms for trainees, cricket ground, gym and many other facilities to lure the employees and the new joiners. Infosys Mysore Campus looks no less than a royal heritage.

6. APM, India Office

The office has a unique concept and design. It is designed using two colours, Black and White. The main highlight of the office is to give a feel just like you are working in the director’s cabin.

7. Baya Park, Mumbai

The office is designed using a wooden pod which resembles a woven structure of a bird’s nest. The place is used for conducting meets and important discussions during office hours. Check it out guys, it is so amazing and unique.

8. Harley Davidson, Gurgaon

The office is well designed using bikes and bikes accessories. They better know how to reflect a brand by designing their office in such a colourful and unique way.

9. LinkedIn, Bangalore

This is just like a dream office where you would love working at if you get the opportunity. Their office is just like a celebration of colour and art. The office has some awesome conference rooms, a gym, recreational centres and nap stations with skyline views.

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