32 Health benefits of cannabis that everyone should know


You will be stunned by the 32 health medicinal benefits of cannabis.

In order to establish allopathy and alcoholism in India, the British discredited and banned cannabis. Let’s dissolve them in color, by storing the color of the breach

  • By crushing its leaves and pouring two drops of juice in the ear, the pain disappears.
  • Grinding the leaves headache Sunge or its two drops instilled into the nose juice.
  • By adding a pinch of powder, pepper, black pepper and dry ginger, it provides relief in cough.
  • For impotence and physical attenuation, roast the hemp seeds and make a powder and take one spoon daily.
  • Afghan Pathan rips its seeds only when they are wide. Indians are decreasing in length day by day.
  • In rheumatism, the powder of its roasted seeds is beneficial.
  • It purifies the air system.
  • It makes paper, cloth etc.
  • Its cloth is anti cancer.
  • It treats 100 diseases like TB, leprosy, AIDS, cancer, asthma, epilepsy, mental diseases.
  • It has great importance in Siddha Ayurveda. It acts first on the subtle body.
  • The ascetic and sage use it to benefit in cultivation.
  • Due to its consumption, there is no hunger, thirst and depression.
  • It removes the alien elements or toxins of the body.
  • By drinking the powder of its seeds, like sorbet with cucumber seeds, all urinary diseases are removed.
  • It removes pressure from the vein of the eye in glaucoma.
  • Cannabis oil is beneficial in Alzheimer.
  • Cannabis oil stops the growth of cancerous tumor cells.
  • The side effects of chemotherapy are overcome by its use.
  • Cannabis prevents the nervous loss caused by diabetes.
  • Cannabis is successful in treating Hepatitis C.
  • Can prevent poisonous roots like carrot grass.
  • Bilvadi powder used for diarrhea and dysentery also contains cannabis.
  • Smelling the powder of its leaves leads to good sleep.
  • In powdery or colitis, its powder is taken with fennel and vine kernel.
  • Grinding its leaves in hydrosil and tying it is beneficial.
  • Cook cannabis seeds in mustard oil and sieve. This oil is pain reliever.
  • Washing the wound with boiled water after putting its leaves does not cause infection and wounds heal quickly.
  • Notwithstanding so many properties also British banned it conspiracy by. Which was further promoted by the Indian British.
  • It is not banned in Jyotirlingas and some states. In Shivaratri, Shravan etc. it is found for Shiva worship. Shivapuja is incomplete without it.
  • It is also called black gold due to its properties.
  • There has been a lot of research on this and it is being used abroad.

A 21-year-old girl named Priya Mishra had incurable tuberculosis of lymph nodes. She was in a lot of trouble. Doctors raised her hands. Then a kamwali bai gave them cannabis to blow. Astonishingly few days She recovered. Since then Priya Mishra has dedicated her life to telling the importance of cannabis to everyone. She is the only female activist from India who works for cannabis. Restrictions should shrink and it and employed the increased importance of Ayurveda made it to it. It says hemp in English. These institutions employed for medicinal Henpwati cannabis, research, nutritional and other products.

Note: – Whenever cannabis is refined before use

It does not fall under the category of drugs. It is a medicine.

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