Smart Solutions To Fix Gmail Error Code 5967

Gmail is one of the most popular email services across the globe which can also be accessed for free. Millions of people use Gmail for their extensive communication online. It is also quite affordable and secure in case of exchanging emails. Though it is user-friendly, Gmail has some glitches which sometimes set up a very annoying situation. Often Gmail users complain about facing an issue regarding Gmail error code 5967. Recently this issue has become the most widespread error message among the users. If you’re also having the same trouble with your Gmail account, then don’t worry. Using the practical methods of solution you can quickly get rid of this problem.

What Is Gmail Error Code 5967?

The most common error regarding Gmail service is the Gmail error code 5967. It is basically an internal server error which happens due to a server which is in an abrupt state that prevents it from accessing the request. Due to many reasons, one may end up facing such error.

The probable reasons for which your Google account will come across the error code 5967 are:

  • Browser cache issues
  • Contradictory browsers extensions or toolbars
  • Internet security applications
  • Gmail server issues

Troubleshooting Gmail Error Code Numeric Code 5967

In order to quickly fix the Gmail error code 5967 issue, you need to follow the necessary steps of solutions. Here are some of the best solutions that will help you to resolve this error:

Solution 1: Disk Cleanup

Website cache or antivirus blocking can cause the error code 5967. To fix this, you can use Disk Cleanup to clear the cache and other temporary files. Then run your Windows system in clean boot to disable other third-party software viz. antivirus, firewall, etc.

  • To run Disk clean up, first, go to Windows ‘Start’ menu. Then type ‘Disk Cleanup’ in the Search bar. Select the Disk Cleanup from the search result.
  • Now click all the checkbox appeared in the new Window. Then click on the ‘OK’ button. Again click ‘OK’ for final confirmation.
  • After that restart your PC or try running a clean boot.
  • To perform a clean boot, click on Windows ‘Start’ menu and type ‘msconfig’. Then hit the ‘Enter’.
  • In the new Window, you’ll find a ‘Selective Startup’ option under the ‘General’ tab. Select that option.
  • First, you have to uncheck the ‘Load startup items’. After that check ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ under the ‘Go to services’ tab. Then click ‘Disable all’.
  • Now, Click ‘Apply’, ‘OK’. At last reboot your system.

Solution 2: Internet Security Application

Antivirus programs or other firewalls in your system can be responsible for the Gmail error. You need to check the settings in your antivirus software or other Internet security application. You can go through the following settings that you should check to figure out the solution for Gmail error

  • Privacy setting of antivirus and firewall
  • Turn off or disable the toolbar
  • Cookies control settings

Solution 3: Clear Browser Cache

Another reason for your Gmail malfunction is due to the browser cookies and caches. Therefore, you should delete the cookies and caches from your browser. You can easily clear the cache memory from the Setting section of your browser. When the clearing is complete, update your browser. After that, try to access your Gmail account.