Outlook Error Code 17099- Expert Solutions

MS Outlook has become immensely popular as an email application over the years. Moreover, you can access it on both Windows as well as Mac. Despite being easily accessible, it can be prone to technical errors at times. With Outlook error code 17099, you won’t be able to send or receive emails. Also, the error code notifies you of a spam content or virus in the emails. Nonetheless, it is possible to get rid of the error if you know some effective troubleshooting techniques.

Possible Causes Of The Outlook Error Code 17099

Microsoft uses the same interface on Windows as well as on Mac. However, OLM is the default file type on Mac whereas it is PST on Windows. On Mac, the emails, calendar or contacts get stored in the OLM file. The OLM files may get corrupted thereby, resulting in the error code. This can happen in a variety of circumstances such as:

  • An outdated version of Outlook
  • Viruses or malware on your system
  • Failure of the hard drive
  • In case you are connected to Exchange, any issue on it can cause the error code.

If the SMTP server returns an error, the Outlook error code 17099 might pop up. In addition to that, the error might also occur if you attempt to send emails to a large group of people. Your ISP has a specified number limit. If you exceed that number, this error might crop up.

Effective Solutions To Troubleshoot The Outlook Error

You can resolve the issue if you follow some expert-approved solutions. You need to follow them accurately in order to get rid of the Outlook for Mac error code 17099.

In order to perform the steps, you will first need to close the running applications. After that, to press and hold the ‘option’ key and then open Outlook. You can also do it by opening the Application folder and the MS office.

In the Office folder, double-click on the ‘Microsoft Database Utility App’.

In the next stop, select the database and then click on ‘Rebuild’. Then, you are going to see the Window  ‘Rebuilding Main Identify’. Also, you will get a message asking you to quit all the office applications. After the process is complete, you will see a message saying that the database was rebuilt. After this, you can click on ‘Done’ to finish the process. If you are done with this, check whether the error still persists or not.