Malwarebytes Slowing Down Windows 10: Complete Solution

Malwarebytes is one of the leading security resolution software for all Window operators. Still, Malwarebytes users face a high RAM and CPU usage causing your device slowing down windows 10.

Some users have informed that they have to reboot their laptop many times. At times restarting Malwarebytes is sufficient. Follow the article very carefully. We will guide you with the best solution to resolve your laptop speed instantly. However, there can be numerous reasons why your Malwarebytes slowing down windows 10. We are now going to discuss some prevalent causes of a laptop running very slow due to Malwarebytes.

Factors that can cause your Malwarebytes slowing down windows 10 of your laptop:

Here are some common mistakes that lead us to face Malwarebytes slowing down windows 10.

  • Issues or any damages related to your hard drive.
  • Difficulty caused by using any third-party antivirus software.
  • Unnecessary usage of pool pages.
  • Presence of any corrupted file or data in your hard drive
  • Any software disagreement with your Windows 10 license.
  • Usage of too many suspicious programs and updates.
  • Opening too many tabs which are of no use.
  • Too many big files or media available in your internal storage.

Best Method To Handle Malwarebytes Slowing Down Windows 10 Instantly

This problem is very critical and needs a particular focus to fix it. It is advised to follow every step very accurately. If you find anything difficult to understand, contact without any thought.

  • If you are running multiple unused programs, then delete some which are not in use.
  • Run your Malwarebytes software and look for any malware available on a laptop. Instantly delete the software once found.
  • If you find your laptop freezing too much then restart your laptop, this will reduce the usage of ram for some time. Then you may see your laptop running smooth.  
  • Check whether your internal storage is complete or not. If you find your internal storage to be full, then delete or move your data to other devices.

Further, download an antivirus application as that will protect your device from the attack of harmful virus and malware software.