Norton Error 3035 6 – Instant Solutions

Despite being a very efficient antivirus, Norton suffers from several error codes. Norton error 3035 6 is a frustrating error. It usually occurs due to system conflicts, registry glitches or some Activex errors. Sometimes this error starts after upgrading Norton. This article will provide you a complete idea of the symptoms and causes of this error along with some specific solutions.

Their customer support is reachable to assist you in fixing this error.

Signs of Norton Error 3035 6

Here are some symptoms which you can check to see whether you are facing any one of them.

  • You will see “Error 3035 6” on your computer’s screen, and the existing program Window will crash.
  • Your PC will keep on crashing while running the same program.
  • Your computer will display the error code “Norton 360 Error 3035 6”.
  • Poor functioning of Windows and it’s slow response to mouse and keyboard.
  • Your computer may freeze for a certain period.
  • You may find some complication in accessing your computer and getting an appropriate result from it.

Sources of  The Error

A fraudulent download or an incomplete installation of Norton Antivirus program is the primary cause of this error. Recently if you have installed or uninstalled or made changes in Norton Antivirus related software, this error will arrive. A corrupted Windows registry is another cause. If your Windows system files or Norton Antivirus related program files gone corrupt due to malware or virus attack you won’t be spared of this error. Unfortunately, if any other program has accidentally or maliciously deleted Norton Antivirus related files, you would be nagged by this error.

It can happen that you may have incorrectly edited the Windows registry. There is an excessive accumulation of junk files in your computer from web surfing and computer use which can also make this error shoot up on your computer screen. Norton Antivirus responds slowly and shows this error due to file conflicts and overloaded hard drive.  Your PC does not have updated drivers so this error code appears. It may happen that your PC is lacking all available Windows updates. Any recent system changes can also cause this error code. Wrong or unwanted deletion of files can be an added factor.

Some Active Measures

Only a mechanical and detailed procedure will work out with this error.

  • You can back up by exporting the corrupted entries of Windows registry. Then make an effort to repair that portion of Windows registry which has an association with Norton error 3035 6.
  • You can run the live update of Norton to ensure that you have an updated Norton product. Download and put the ‘Norton remove and reinstall tool’ to proper use now, for your benefit.
  •  Clean your system junk, that is, the temporary files and folders with disk cleanup. Perform a complete scanning of your PC for any virus and malware. Windows system file checker will repair the files on the verge of getting corrupt. Cancel recent system changes and run a clean installation for your operating system.