Resolve Windows Defender Error Code 0x8024402c – Fix

Windows Defender is a free anti-spyware program that provides real-time protection against any software menaces. But the other side of the coin is that many users have reported facing Windows defender error code. Are you facing a similar error issue? While trying to install the latest windows update, you may encounter Windows Defender error code 0x8024402c. You can reach their Windows Tech Support for professional guidance.

This article will further provide you with the insights about the Error Code 0x8024402c.

Elemental Causes Behind Windows Defender Error Code 0x8024402c

Their Tech Support team has enlisted the few basic reasons behind the occurrence of error code 0x8024402c.

  • Corrupt Windows Defender software.
  • Windows registry went corrupt due to a recent software change.
  • Inaccurate character existing in the proxy override settings.
  • Misconfigured Proxy or Firewall.

Before you troubleshoot the error, you need to follow the underlying causes to avoid them in future minutely.

Quick Fixes for Error Code 0x8024402c

These instant fixes can help you resolve the issue temporarily. However, for a permanent solution, you can avail help from their qualified Tech support engineers.

Restart device

Rebooting is the standard primary fix, that can assist you to remove any technical glitches. Try to restart your device and notice if the error gets eliminated. If the issue persists then you need to go through the rest of the article.

Update Windows Defender

Often, corrupted files or unintentional deletion of Windows Defender related system files, be the cause behind the error. Then you need to delete all the existing data, reinstall the latest version and update it. Then you need to configure the setting to avoid the occurrence of the error.

Clear Proxy Cache and System Junks

You need to remove the invalid characters from the proxy exception list and then empty the proxy cache. Accumulation of system junks causes Windows Defender to respond slowly. All you need to do is clean all your temporary and system junks.

In case the above fixes do not work for you then your system might be in urgent need of help. their diligent technicians are capable enough to take care of Windows Defender error code 0x8024402c.