Solved Firefox Secure Connection Failed With The Most Amazing Hacks

Basically, the ssl error rx record too long error code appears over a secure connection when you try to open a Firefox website and a Secure Connection Failed tab opens automatically. It usually happens because of the browser’s unverified secured data. The browser is generally unable to verify the data due to SSL certificates that are not properly configured. The question now is, how does it fail to fix secure connection? Luckily, there are several ways to resolve the failed error of the secure connection. And this article will give you the most detailed description to make your task much easier.

Know the Handy Ways to Solve the Secure Connection Failed Error

This article provides you with practical and effective ways to resolve the error. We have sorted some unique methods on the basis of research, and now we will discuss these methods briefly. Therefore, follow the steps and obtain the most fruitful results.

Method 1. Check and Configure Your Firefox SSL Setting

This is the first step we will be discussing. You must type About: Config in the address bar in this step and then press the Enter key on your keyboard. “This Might cancel your warranty after that! “There will be a warning on the screen. Now, click on the option “I’m going to be careful, I promise button to continue the process.” Then type security.ssl.enable ocsp stapling in the search box. And if you see that the value field is true, double click on it to make it false. Your website must now be reconnected. If you can get the’ Secure Connection Failed ‘ error after all the above steps, then follow the next method.

Method 2: Check your Firefox Proxy Setting

If your computer is set by the proxy then you need to access the internet to get this error. You must first click the Tools menu in the Firefox menu bar to fix the error and then select the options tab. You have to go to the Advanced panel after that and click the Network tab again. Once you’ve done this, click the Connection button. Now you can see on your screen a pop-up message appearing. This message popup is related to the setting of the connection. Finally, check whether or not the problem is solved.

Method 3:  By Choosing the No Proxy Setting

This is another handy process where no proxy settings can be easily selected. Click the open menu button to do this and then go to the settings options. Now scroll down to the proxy section of the network and select the configuration option. The connection settings tab will open to you once you have finished. In this tab, you must select the no proxy option under the Configure proxy access to the internet. Click the OK button after doing all these things, and then restart Firefox. Now, check whether or not the problem of secure connection failed is solved.

Method 4: By Opening Firefox in Safe Mode

Like Windows, Firefox also has a safe mode, and if you failed to get the connection secured by Firefox, you can fix it by opening the option for safe mode. You must first click the Open menu and then select the Help option. After that, to continue the process, you must select the Restart option with Add-ons Disabled. Now, you can certainly confirm the selected option by pressing the Restart button. Once confirmed, press the Start button in Safe Mode. Reconnect to the website afterwards and check whether or not the Safe Mode is open.

Method 5: By Switching off Firefox’s Add-ons

If the problem still exists then you must carefully follow this method. You must select the open menu in this step and then go to the Open Help menu option. Then select the Restart option with Add-ons Enabled and then type about: addons in the Firefox URL bar and hit the key on your keyboard. Once the add-ons have been switched off, press the disable button. You need to restart your computer after doing all these things and then try to open the browser again.

Method 6:  By Refreshing the Browser

This is another handy method to try at once. You must type about: support in the URL bar in this method and hit the enter key. Then press the refresh firefox button and then click the refresh firefox in the confirmation window.

Method 7: Configure security.tls.version.max to 0

This is another major method that can help fix a failed error in the secure connection. You need to open a new tab in Firefox in this step and enter about: config. Then press the key on your keyboard to enter. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the message of warning. Now, to continue the process, select the risk button that I accept. Post this, enter security.tls.version.max in the search box and double-click security.tls.version.max. Finally, you need to set the value to 0 and then select Ok to complete the process.

Method 10: By Installing the Available updates

If any of the above methods are not working, then try the last method. If the secure connection failed to be fixed by all methods, this is the final option to do. You need to open Firefox in this method and then click the Menu icon in the top right corner.

  1. Now, need to choose Help option.
  2. After that, select the About option from the menu.

A new screen will open to you once you’ve done that, and you can see the latest version of Firefox. Check that any newest updates are available and download instantly if you find them. Hope these methods are sufficient to help you get rid of this mistake. If you don’t really know how to fix secure connection, this article will be the best. Read this and follow the step by step instructions. But still, for better support, the secure connection failed error occurs then we recommend to contact the technical experts. Please post comments in the section below in the case of another opinion.