Fix Your Toshiba Laptop Plugged In Not Charging ? get help

Toshiba is a well-known brand which indulges in the manufacturing of electronic components like laptops, electrical appliances, medical and office equipment. But sometimes due to any faulty switchboard or some other issues with the electrical components, some major problems arise. One of the most prominent among the problems is the Toshiba laptop plugged in not charging.


It is one of the most common issues these days and it’s not only that the Toshiba products are getting affected by this. Many other laptop companies also get affected due to faults in switchboards or in any other points in your electrical connection.


Causes Of Toshiba Laptop Plugged In Not Charging:

Here are some fundamental reasons behind your Toshiba laptop plugged in not charging. If you find that it’s a known problem from the problems listed below, try to solve yourself. And if you are looking for any specialist-  

  • Your laptop is going through some hardware and software disturbance.
  • Your laptop is not getting charged while your laptop is connected to the charger.
  • The motherboard of your Toshiba laptop might not get properly updated.
  • The driver of your laptop is not up to date.
  • Faulty switchboard is a very common problem in most of their houses. It mainly occurs if your house or office electrical connectivity has a poor earthing.

Do not worry; this issue can easily be fixed by just following their guidelines carefully.

Ways That Will Help You To Charge Your Toshiba Laptop In Few Simple Steps

These following steps are going to guide you to resolve your issue in Toshiba laptop not charging but plugged in.

  1. If the cord is connected to an electrical outlet extender, check whether the plug is connected well and there is no issue with your switchboard. If the switchboard is at fault you can just simply plug in a different switchboard.
  2. Take out the battery from the laptop and place it again and try to restart it. Or simply remove the battery if you find that the laptop is not charging. It then seems that there is a problem with the battery.
  3. Ensure that you are using the right USB-C Port.
  4. Open the control panel and check the settings visually that all are properly set.
  5. Look for the latest Update for your drivers as well as for your device and if available, update it.

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