10 Magical Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide That You Don’t Want To Miss

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of those strong and powerful products that you just cannot afford to miss. You will be shocked to know that how you can use this amazing product from cleaning those grungiest stains from your bathroom, removing stains from your white clothes and even as a disinfectant. Even this versatile product has some unexpected beauty applications also like it treats acne breakout, treat your toes, and lightens hair colour.

Read on further to find out some of the best and surprising uses of Hydrogen Peroxide.

1. Clean your vegetables and fruits

Hydrogen peroxide is the best alternative to clean up and freshen your veggies and fruits. Just spray a little food-grade hydrogen peroxide on them to remove away the bacteria. Make sure you wash them properly before actually consuming.

2. Whiten your nails naturally

If you want to get healthy and gorgeous nails in little time, then you need to use this. Take one part of hydrogen peroxide to two parts of baking soda to form a paste and then gently massage on your nails. Wait for another 2 to 3 minutes then rinse away to get shiny nails.

3. Remove fungus from your toes

You can also clean gunk and fungus from your toes by dipping in your toes into a hydrogen peroxide solution. To make this solution, you will just need a big bucket with water full in it and then add away small splash of peroxide into it.

4. Make your clothes white

Using hydrogen peroxide is the best and cheaper alternative to whiten up your yellowish white clothes. In a bucket full of water add one cup of hydrogen peroxide to renew them again.

5. Clean your contact lenses

You can also clean your contact lenses using this versatile product. Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient which is used in making the lens cleaning solutions anyway.

6. Help remove sweat stains

One of the best tricks to remove sweat stains from your clothes is to make use of 1 part of dishwashing liquid and 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide.  Apply the solution on the sweat stain for about half an hour to get rid of the stain completely.

7. Sanitize kitchen sponges

Get rid of the weird smell and dirty appearance by using hydrogen peroxide on your kitchen sponges. Soak your kitchen sponge in equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water and then rinse it thoroughly.

8. Clean your fridge and refrigerator

Make your fridge and refrigerator new again by spraying hydrogen peroxide solution on it. Let the solution sit for about an hour to wipe out the dirty stains quickly.

9. Removes algae from aquarium

Remove gunk from the corners of your fish tank by using a little amount of hydrogen peroxide. You can add this product to a cleaning brush to scrub your aquarium to wipe away the dirt easily in a hassle-free way. But make sure that you thoroughly rinse it before adding your fish into the aquarium.

10. DIY mouthwash

You can make your very own mouthwash by using hydrogen peroxide to freshen up bad breath from your mouth in no time. It will help you kill bacteria that are the major cause of halitosis. You can use an equal quantity of hydrogen peroxide and water to make a ready to go mouthwash.