7 Foods That Doctors Don’t Recommend To Eat For A Reason

Isn’t it true that we always eat what we think is right? And how we jump to the conclusion that what is right and what is not? When we get it from our doctors. Doctors are the saviors of our health, and when it comes to health we consider them God. We should do that.

And this is why we have got to know a few food items that doctors won’t eat themselves. And when they don’t eat it, it means there has to be a reason behind it.

This time let’s enlighten ourselves a bit and know about the things that Doctors forbid to eat:

1. Bacon

Sad but true, neither doctors recommend eating this nor they eat it themselves. They won’t eat it because it is full of fat and cholesterol. Some doctors even titled it as the worst food.

2. Cotton candy

No big surprise why doctors won’t eat it and the dentist would hate it. Cotton candy is nothing but dyed sugar. So, first of all, it’s all sugar, and second, of all it is dyed.

3. Popcorn prepared in the microwave

Microwaved popcorn is really unhealthy and absorbs chemicals from heat produced by microwave.

4. Processed meat

Some doctors say that most processed meat is produced out of those portions of meat that are generally thrown away. Then they are combined other products that make it unhealthy. Thus they are at least nutritious.

5. Cheetos

Cheetos aren’t doctors’ favourite because that contains artificial colours which are not a healthy thing to consume that often.

6. Diet soda

Most of the health conscious being think that diet soda is not harmful as it is “diet” soda. However, doctors believe that there are no better than regular ones, rather contain chemicals.

7. Packaged Cereals

Boxed cereals are less nutritious and are often coated with sugar. So doctors would rather eat eggs and greens for breakfast rather than this processed item.