Weighted Blankets Are An Excellent Option For Restless Leg Syndrome

The problem of restless legs syndrome is a serious issue among the sufferers. Patients who have this problem refers to this as a strange feeling of creepy-crawly sensation in their legs or a tingling feeling. And this affects the legs the most when the patient is in a resting position. This may be sitting or lying, but while legs are resting, the problem can start.

And when this problem starts the patient can hardly keep the legs from moving. Stably sitting or lying can be the hardest thing with restless legs syndrome. A way that works better than other constricted ways like compressions socks or boots is the use of weighted blankets.  

Weighted blankets help ease restless leg syndrome

You do not need compression socks or any such treatment for the legs when you constantly get a comfortable pressure on the legs using the weighted blankets. A weighted blanket can exert the optimal pressure on the feet to bring on a feeling of stability most patients of restless leg syndrome look for.

A weight on the feet feels better and cuts off the restlessness in fee to quite an extent. But to feel the weight the use of compression socks can be a brutal way which can bring on other problems of circulation and numbness to the body.

Also, patients with arthritis and mobility issues can feel more uncomfortable within such compression dressing. That is why a natural method to feel the weight on the feet without constricting veins and muscles is by using a weighted blanket.

What are weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets consist of glass beads in every sewn pocket inside the blanket. And the beads do not make any noise as you use and move the blanket. One can fold the blanket for storing without any stiffness because of the flexible pockets in spacing.

Altogether the design helps you store and use the blanket without the feeling of ambiguity or discomfort. Preferably with the use of bamboo fabric in the making of the blanket cover.

It gets all the more comfortable and imparts luxurious soft feel, which is much higher than what organic cotton of the best quality imparts The machine washable blankets with measured and evenly spread glass beads are really a great tool for deep touch pressure therapy.

What to look for while buying a weighted blanket?

If you are looking to buy weighted blanket, their area few things you must look for in the product:

  • Look for the material. A moisture-wicking material works best for keeping you dry in case you tend to sweat a lot under a cover.
  • Blankets of the same size come in different weights, and you may choose one as needed.
  • Look for a hypoallergenic pathogen free blanket cover like bamboo fabric.


Weighted blankets can help keep off the tingly sensations off the feet in restless leg syndrome for a good amount of time, and helps a lot in promoting sleep or stable seating.