7 Household Items are Potential Weapons for Self-defense

When it comes to safety we always think about self-defense almost immediately. And we should, we should always keep in mind that there could be a danger at any moment, as human life is full of risks. And when we talk about women, they are least safe in almost every society, but that shouldn’t stop them from being themselves rather they should be more active and aware. To make their life a little easier out there,

We have some ideas to use common household items for self-defense

1. Keys


If you hold keys like knuckle-duster, you can cause serious injury to the attacker and can have time to save your life. Remember to hit at the sensitive areas like nose, neck, and temple.

2. Deodorant


Not specifically deodorant, any spray would do. All you have to do is spray a generous amount in the eyes and it will burn the attacker’s eyes.

3. Mobile phone

Mobile phone

Yes, it’s not just a device but it is also a potential weapon. Nowadays we have big flat-screen cell phones with edges and we can use them to hit it right at the temple of the attacker. Temple is a very sensitive area, if hit it right there really hard it can even make it unconscious for a while. Remember a temple attack.

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4. Flashlight or torch

Flashlight or torch

If you happen to have a torch by chance than you can cause serious injuries to the attacker. Several attacks on the head or temple, hand, leg, etc., and you have time to save your life.

5. Scarf


If you wear a scarf you can use it choke the person with it. This will make him struggle for breath and you can have time to save yourself or hit him further.

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6. Chunky jewelry

Chunky jewelry

Especially big rings can be a benefit. You should wear a couple of big rings, make a fist, punch at the nose and see the attacker bleeding.

7. Water bottle

Water bottle

Even an empty water bottle can be your weapon, the hardest part of the bottle is the cap and the base or sole. Use it to hit in the eye or nose really hard in case of self-defense.

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All Images source: Pexels