Does Vaping Help to Quit Smoking?

Are you trying to kick your smoking habit? You are not alone as many smokers out there always express their desire to be able to quit smoking. We all are aware of the fact that smoking is an addiction and to quit smoking takes a lot of will-power and does not happen overnight. But we also know that quitting smoking is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as it can do wonders to your health and fitness. How many times have you heard or read that ‘smoking kills’, still many times you may find it impossible to quit smoking?

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Quitting cigarettes and turning to e-cigarettes is an easy way to quit smoking slowly and steadily. But is smoking e-cigarette (vaping) a step towards quitting smoking or just a new addiction?

Is Vaping Really Helpful in Quitting Smoking?

E-Cigarette Is Less Harmful than Traditional Smoking.

E-cigarettes (also known as vaping) contains flavoured nicotine and some other chemicals to create water vapor which you inhale whereas the usual cigarette is known to contain nearly 7,000 toxic chemicals hence it is much worse for health. Vaping exposes you to lesser chemicals than traditional cigarettes, but it is not completely harmless. If you have started vaping with the intention of quitting smoking, you need to slowly transition out of the habit of vaping too or else it is a new addiction.

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Vaping Is Bad for Health.

Vaping may be better than a traditional cigarette, but it still contains nicotine hence it is also addictive. Nicotine is toxic which causes an increase in heart rate and a spike in adrenaline. So, if you have been vaping assuming that you have transitioned towards better health by quitting traditional cigarette, you are under a dilution as vaping is not helpful if your intentions are not to quit it.

Vaping is also Addictive:

Trying to quit smoking by shifting to vaping is a good idea but many smokers get addicted to vaping instead as vaping also contains nicotine which causes addiction.

How to Quit Smoking Naturally?

So, we have understood that ‘smoking kills’, we have also learned that vaping is not always useful in quitting smoking so how do you go about it? Here is a useful tip that would help you quit smoking naturally;

Shift to Organic E-Juice:

An effective method of getting rid of the bad habit of smoking is via organic e-juice. Many people who try to quit smoking relapse because they do not try quitting moderately. Organic vape juice contains different amounts of nicotine which can be ordered as per your nicotine requirement and gradually the concentration can be reduced to slowly get out of nicotine addiction.

If you decide to continue vaping, you should try Lucy Vapor Pens which uses organic nicotine salts which are the healthiest form of nicotine derived from natural sources. If you are a heavy smoker who is trying to quit smoking badly, then shifting to organic nicotine salts will be the first step towards it.